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The world inside us often gets sad with all the chaos of the outside world and being in constant sadness, at times leads towards depression. With the prevailing incidents of depression, the need to at least try to stay out of it so that we can be helpful to those in need has also become a serious consideration.

Prevention is better than cure, so while the feeling side of our brain is upset, why not the thinking side tries to be rational and lift the other part up?! Today, let’s talk about how we can be our own motivator when we feel like we’re about to step in depression zone and convert this negative energy within us into a positive one.

Here are eight ways that would be helpful in avoiding depression and be productive at the same time:


Sometimes all we need is to cry until there are no tears left because words do not do justify our emotions. Crying while prostrating and letting it all out is the easiest way to cure sadness. One feels light after offering prayers knowing that there’s someone Who listens no matter what. Another thing we can do is simply listening to the holy Qur’an as it does have soothing effects on our soul because connecting with Allah in any way has a delightful impact on us.

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Reading is a wonderful habit. A book is a friend who quietly takes you in another world fading all your worries for as long as you hold it with you. Doctors these days also prescribe reading a book as a cure for depression, then why not we grab it beforehand?! Read biographies or motivational quotes and read how people don’t give up and shine after all the struggles. This would also help us understand that we’re not alone when it comes to having crucial times.


Now this is interesting. Take a paper and a pen and start writing a letter to your younger self advising them what they should do when they’re sad. Be kind to “young you”. List down the thoughts that are messing up with your mental health leaving a line after each sentence. Now think of an advice as to what could be done to solve it and write it down in the space left under each problem. This exercise of brainstorming will help you in analyzing the situations and effective decision making. By practicing this, you’ll also be able to understand yourself better.

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You should always be your first priority and one must take care of his health and fitness. Our health plays a very important role in maintaining our wellbeing, so if not daily, we must go out for a walk or exercise in open air. Let the nature do it’s magic. The touch of fresh air changes our mood letting all the worries out of the cage of mind and fly like free bird.

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Every one of us has some hobbies or passions which they like to practice in their spare time and it’s good to do something creative apart from our routine chores. It keeps your innovation alive and trust me, the world needs all that creativity within you. So whether you’re in writing, reading, baking, cooking, painting, sketching or whatever it is, keep doing that. Your these little efforts keep you contented as well as it gives other people confidence too to follow their passion.

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Music has some kind of powerful effect on our mind. If it can make you feel miserable, it can also make you energetic. When you’re feeling down, I’d suggest not to listen to slow paced or romantic songs instead go for the upbeat, rock or pop songs that would urge you to move your body along with the rhythm. This makes you forget the worries for awhile and enjoy the moment.  

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Talking to a toddler has a therapeutic effect on us. Their laugh and smiles, their carefree attitude reminds us how we this life which is given to us as a gift is meant to be lived. Play with them or simply watch them play, it will boost up your mood and keep you away from depressing thoughts and over thinking.

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Treat yourself with a yummy cappuccino or a cold frappe to enhance your mood.

Caffeine is one of the drugs that’s being used widely in order to reduce anxiety and increase productivity. The smell of coffee has calming effect on the human brain resulting in improved concentration and high level of energy.

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Most importantly look out for help if none of the above techniques help. It’s easy to talk to someone when you need them as we are all born to help and lift each other up. Consult to a psychiatrist if the condition worsens. Love yourself and be happy! This world needs one of you too. That’s why Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

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