10 Activities to Spice up your Lockdown Routine

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In the words of the TikTok famous rapper Curtis Roach, do you find yourself “bored in the house, and in the house bored”? Have you found that you’ve fallen into a rut with your routine: First sleeping and eating, then eating and sleeping? Maybe you might switch it up a bit and go for a quick walk, only to run back home to the safety of your virus-free bed and your favorite Netflix series.

If you find yourself weary of the monotony of life under lockdown, you’re in luck! Here are 10 things to do that will spice up your daily routine!

1.  Start a Journal

What do Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Jennifer Aniston, and Mark Twain have in common? They all kept journals to meticulously note down their thoughts and everyday happenings!

Aside from helping you manage your feelings and organize your daily priorities; journaling can be a means of catharsis. As you spill your guts onto paper, it can help you to clear your mind, de-stress, improve your memory and better process events in your life. All you need to get started is a pen, notebook, and some relaxing music!

2.  Take a Course

Do you have an interest that you haven’t been able to explore due to heavy work or school schedules? Whether it’s astronomy, fashion, programming or graphic design, websites like Udemy, Coursera, and edx have made access to the class of your choice even easier. Not to mention it’s a productive use of your time.

So, if you’re not already taking online classes for school, consider taking one for fun!

3.  Learn a New language

The list of the benefits of learning a new language is extensive and ranges from improving your memory to possibly advancing your career. However, the most rewarding aspect may well be the opportunity to connect with a wider range a people and opening yourself up to experiencing new cultures from a more local perspective.

Duolingo is one of the best platforms to help you get started. They offer 23 languages and teach grammar and vocabulary in a fun and rewarding way!

4.  Read!

Immersing yourself in a book is another fun way to distract yourself form the chaos of the outside world. Or if you’re into that type of thing, it’s a great way to educate yourself about past and present happenings around the globe, and beyond.

5.  Exercise

Exercising has been known to effectively improve mood and is even used to treat depression in some cases. So, take care of your mind and body in one go with a simple at home workout. In order to get the best results, make sure your workout is at the appropriate pace and level. Experiment with different types of exercise and see which one best suits you: be that cardio, aerobics, yoga or more.

Make sure you’re exercising right by following these tips.

6.  Watch a Documentary

Tired of the guilt associated with watching TV shows all day, but can’t seem to tear yourself away from the screen? Try watching a documentary instead! Not only do you get the satisfaction of gaining in depth knowledge about a topic, subject or event, but they can be just as suspenseful and just as stimulating as a movie or TV series.

7.  Cook Something New

In times like these it’s especially important that we eat healthy and keep up our immune system. Thankfully, eating right does not have to be a hassle! All you need to do is search up a recipe, pick your favorite one and get started.

8.  Get into Skin Care

Give your skin some extra love by indulging in some skincare. Hydrate with a sheet mask, wash up with a foaming face wash and apply a bit of vitamin C serum on the regular and you will find your skin has a little extra glow in it. So, go ahead and pamper yourself!

9.  Tidy Up

With the world outside in chaos, you can at least take control of your space by organizing and tidying up. Not only will a clean environment freshen your mind and brighten your mood, but the act of cleaning itself can be soothing.

10.  Dress up!

You don’t need a special occasion to dress up. Brush your hair, throw on something that makes you feel good and top it off with some accessories! This will help you feel confidant and more productive in your day, because who wants to just lay around when they look that good? What you do after that is up to you; maybe you might take a photo shoot to document the look, take a class or meeting, or have friends and family dress up as well for a virtual party!


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