Motivation 6 Reasons that Procrastination is not Always Bad

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6 Reasons that Procrastination is not Always Bad

The topic may pinch you a little, but trust me, I am the person who is always in time, regular in things, punctual in schedules, and have never been a PROCRASTINATOR. Now I am telling you to follow me if you are curious to know a few reasons which I have found good about Procrastination. In other words, which means delaying things is not bad always.

There is a famous quote by Bill Gates; I will choose the laziest person to do the world’s most difficult task because he will do it in the easiest way. He was not wrong. Let’s explore the reasons.

1.      The laziest; the easiest

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Starting with the Bill Gates quote, it’s not always bad to be lazy. Even being lazy doing the hardest task saves your energy and motivates you to find a more easy way to do it.

2.      Give your best shot knowing what others have played

You can pre-compare your task with other team members or competitors. Those who have been proficient enough to complete the work timely give you a chance to review their loopholes and then make your work even better.

3.      Keep it low key

It’s not always good to be pro-efficient, rather it may invite more hard work to be done on your task. Therefore, staying quiet and humble, and delivering the best shot would definitely surprise others in a good way.

4.      The deadline may extend

Sitting back and procrastinate may not prove good in every situation, but you would be saved from any pressure and criticism if the deadline extends. So why not enjoy that feeling? Otherwise, you have to wake up all night, and it is worth that. 

5.      Brain activity is the fastest at the final hour

Creativity is at the best when the level of concentration is maximum. Due to procrastination, if you have to wake up all night or work constantly like for 10 hours; the brain will give the best of the ideas. The brain will think of all shortcuts, smart hacks, and perfection in less time. You can try if you do not agree.

6.      Someone else might do that

I am not a procrastinator and me kind of hate doing that, but the best thing about procrastination I have found is that: You don’t have to do that work, because it is assigned to someone else now. The act of delaying helps in escaping from unwanted tasks given to you.  

There are people, like me, who are obsessed with giving always the best shot and perfect work. They keep on editing their work until they achieve the highest level of perfection. But this demands time and energy more than normal. So, for random daily routine tasks, unscheduled meetings, and unexpected hurdles; be patient and try the above mentioned five tips. And for the rest of the scheduled jobs of you, keep playing your role actively and enthusiastically.

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