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How to create a Siffar Account

How to create a Siffar Account

One of the most important aspects of being a writer at is learning how to write and publish a blog. We’ll show you how it’s done in 6 easy steps.

  1. First sign in to the link given on the top right corner of the website.
  2. Complete your profile by filling up all the information including
  3. In order to open your back-end use this link
  4. Click on the Add New Post from the side panel on the left.

5. You can start writing your article by filling; Article Title Select Primary Article Category Upload Featured image for the article. Select Post Category Excerpt As soon as these information is filled, click on the publish button on the top right corner to publish the post. please remember after, publishing the post will be under review and may take some time before it starts appearing live on the website and start getting reads.

Happy Blogging!

How to complete your Siffar Profile

Completing a profile is one of the most important steps in getting a proper recognition you deserve. Here’s how you can complete your profile.

After logging in:

    1. Visit and start filling your information.
    2. Fill out your First Name, Last Name, your Nickname and Display how your Name shows on your Profile publicly.
    3. Add your Social profiles for maximum exposure. At-least 4 is good. 
    4. Write your Description. 
    5. Under the Avatar section (Upload your profile picture)

And you’re done, you have a wonderful profile on Siffar!

How to post your First Blog

Here’s how you can start writing your own articles in minutes.

After logging in:

    1. Visit and start writing your blog OR
    2. Go to your dashboard  at and on the top left side of your  dashboard click “New” and then click on “Post”
    3. Add your Blog Title, paste your blog content below it.
    4. Select categories fitting to your blog e.g. “Fitness, Covid19 and etc” and if you cannot find a category send us a suggestion on team (at) 
    5. Add the suitable Hashtags to make it prominent. In tags less is more (6 is enough)
    6. Add Featured Image to set as cover for your blog. (This shows on your blog previews) 
    7. Then select the options of “comments” and “Allow PingBacks and Trackbacks”
    8. You can insert the pictures, videos, quotes, tweets etc  by clicking the “+” on the top of para block.
    9. After finishing all the steps and reviewing it, click on “Publish”

After your blog is submitted it goes to pending, which means we’re reading it here to make sure how we can improve and correct the most common errors that result in less reads.

What to write and what not to - Siffar writing Guidelines

At Siffar you have the complete authority to write what you want to write on, however you should always read the terms and conditions of the internet.

  1. Don’t post Adult, NSFW content on the website.
  2. Don’t post anything controversial to Politics and Religion.
  3. No news, this is a social blog, aimed at informing and engaging readers with engaging articles. 
  4. Articles are bound to get more reads and shares if they contain engaging media, e.g. Videos for references and images. (Text and Media ratio in an articles should be  8:2)
  5. Article titles are your first and foremost things everyone lay their eyes on. (Try to add at-least 8 to 12 words long titles)
  6. Add at-least 6 to 8 related tags!
  7. Connect previous blogs with your new ones by pasting and relating your news blogs with them. (Add, If you liked his blog Also read (Blog link))
  8. Try blogging on famous topics, Some of the most Common topics in the world are Fashion, Lifestyles, Entrepreneurship, Covid19 and Trump! 

How to write a Viral Blog which can catch thousands of reads?

This section will be updated soon.

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We like to keep all our Siffar bloggers well informed, that’s why we have created a private community group on Facebook. If you’re there, hop in and we’ll be more than happy to keep you informed and welcomed!