Are we partners in crime with that Corona guy?

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Isn’t it an amazing feeling to just kick a man apathetically who had been kneeling down to your feet for mercy? Oh, so you differ? But our general behavior to government guidelines and doctor’s plea polls positively for this question like Corona virus does, unfortunately. Regardless from which country we belong, a faction of us has not been acquainting well with “social distancing”. I cannot deny the fact that some people around me cannot restrict themselves from pursuing their utmost need to breathe; that is going out. Can you?

We at the brink of extinction are inefficiently dealing with the pandemic on individual basis. Our contribution to the preservation of humanity is not exceptionally commendable because not everyone has religiously been staying in nor have we encouraged social distancing practically. I understand self-isolation is deemed to be boring but we must also understand that it saves lives, hence the nobility of your deed is unimaginable. Every time one of us unnecessarily steps out to grab a snack, or to buy an avoidable pantry item, or even for a meet-up with neighbors, do we realize we could carry the virus, infect masses and eventually end up being a murderer? Playing basketball with chums from across the street or exchanging your baked endeavors is so not in compliance with “social distancing”.

Minnoli Aya with her mother Dr. Madhvi

“We wanted to have a small house in the mountains of Switzerland, but she will not be besides me even if I get there someday”, said Minnoli Aya after losing her mother on the battlefield waged against our invisible enemy, Covid-19. It pierced my heart to know that she had not seen her mother since this January and that her deprivation has befriended eternity now because Dr. Madhvi was on the front-line who had pushed her child off her priority for her professional obligations. For whom did they suffer? For us and everyone we love because we are all connected by a chain. Do we recognize the pain when Minnoli could not have hugged her late mother who was also her superhero? Can we possibly imagine how miserable she would have continued to feel knowing that some of us in the world still don’t possess an ounce of respect for doctors and every professional out there? Our carelessness can effect several others with us remaining cognizant. Minnoli made a statement that the world will soon forget her loss and she does not want her mother’s sacrifice to go in vain. I felt her heart was the ambassador of a global appeal that a family who has not been struck by the virus must not have the audacity to disregard the strenuous efforts of those who have. It is the gesture of utter ungratefulness by those in health and still unbothered.

We may not have medical degrees or the infrastructure of infantry to play our role for the safety of mankind but what we have is a simplest job; being with our families at home and only going out when it is absolutely significant. We must avoid even small gatherings because we aren’t helping anyone but exposing the world to an increased-flared threat. Doctors, government servants and all service-men and women are ready to beg us and kneel before us because they themselves are helpless and tired in this prolonged war. Let us applaud for all those at service in the field by staying in because none of us would be able to live with the guilt of possibly being a murderer after all.


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