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Are we really independant?

A depressed girl who is absorbed in overthinking

Do you call yourself an independent one? I must say think again. Because you can’t call yourself a free person, when you don’t even live your life as you want. You can’t call yourself a self-governing guy, when you even can’t take decisions of your life by yourself. Stop calling yourself a self-reliant man,when you don’t have peace of mind. You are no longer an independent dude, when couple of tensions surround you. You even can’t sleep passively and you call yourself independent one.

prisoner of society

“Freedom of nation is not freedom of individual”. In rural areas girls are not allowed to seek education, which is there foremost right. Students are not permitted to study whatever they want. Couples are not allowed to marry on their own choice. Dudes can’t work according to their will. And why parents do this to their kids because of society. They only do care of society. They only think about society. The have become prisoners of society. Childrens here are asked to deminish their dreams, because people will laugh on them. Guys are said to stop their wills, because society will make jokes about them. They have to love according to society otherwise this society will laugh on them. Country is independent but it’s people are prisoners of society.

Girls are not allowed for higher studies just because their parents are afraid for them. Day by day increasing cases of rape and sexual harassment have made parents frightened and life hard for girls. Girls are not allowed to go out with their friends. And after all this girls have to bow down because they are girls and this is society of men. Men can do whatever they want and women have only to tolerate. And what about those females who can’t bear all this shit? Do you know what they do? They suicide? This sin becomes easy for them rather then living in this harsh society. You can check you will find female suicide ratio more then male. Why more and more women are committing suicide allover the world?Answer is their dependance on others. They can’t see their wishes being diminshed by the so called society of men. And they choose for theirselves that difficult track which seems easier to them. Is it independence ? Is it freedom?

girl living her life according to others will

In this society not only girls have to bow down but somewhere in the world boys also have to sacrifice their wills for their family. Some males are also not allowed to choose for theirselves whatever they want. They also have to live according to their family will. They are forced to marry according to their parents choice. And they also have to bow down there.

prisoned man who just can dream according to his will

Inspite all of this if you consider yourself as self-reliant then you are wrong. You are only independent when you can sleep passively and wakeup happily without any tension. You are self-governing when you take decisions of your life by yourself. You are self-reliant when you are living your life as you want. When you just stop caring about others. You become an independent one.

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  1. Such inspirational article I love it and ur article shows reality of today’s world keep it up huge appreciation for u ❤️Keep it up and waiting for more from ur side🥀

  2. These questions should be raised but infront of whom?
    There is a chain in our society who supports each other in wrong but no one will raise their voice.
    Now we have to stand and raise our voice and show the world that what actually independence is!
    In sha Allah 🌸💕
    Amazingly written ❤

  3. Is time to change the traditions of the our society because everyone has right to live their lives the way they want.
    older traditions and thinking should be changed and thats how a generation gap can change.

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