Are you holding things back? Come let’s set them free together!

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Some wounds leave deep scars that never fade away and hurt whenever we look back at them. But healing is a process that can recover what lies beneath the scratches. Whenever old memories whisper it becomes arduous for us to control the overwhelmed feelings our heart experience. Whether it’s a cut of betrayal given by a close friend, family member or a loved one, when reminiscence takes over, those cuts bleed heavily.

What if you want to let go of things that are holding you back, recollections that are choking you and leading you to paths of remorse and despair. Listen Pal, I know it is never easy to forgive someone who deceived you but remember you forgive people not because they deserve a chance but you are liable of peaceful mind free from any regret, anger and anguish.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” — Lewis B. Smedes

Research has shown that when an individual is better at forgiveness, they experience lower stress, tension, levels of depression, anxiety, and perhaps most important, anger. Holding grudges for long time can drain all your positive energy, make you ill-hearted and can deprive you from the pearls of enchantment. Remember everything that comes your way has an intense lesson for you. It comes to teach you certain things and enhance your experience level. So why to regret people or things that hit your life with morals.

Forgetting and erasing your past is impossible but we have to learn to live in peace with it by forgiving the wrongdoers even if they are not asking for it and are not ashamed for their acts. You may not be able to forgive them completely but you can try to set yourself free from the confinement of repeating those things vocally, wishing them hurt or developing the urge of revenge. Stop recalling what you can’t change as it will only work as added salt on wound. Try to see your past with compassion rather than seeing yourself as a victim. Never let your old times affect the sort of beautiful, brave and strong person you are. Fly high, liberate your soul with empathy and set yourself free from the enclosure of excruciating memories by the power of forgiveness.


  1. Yes! 👍
    Forgiveness is the act of brave. It is not about letting abuser back into your life but setting your mind free from torment and agony.Thankyou for your praise 😊

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