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The power of articulating your thoughts and emotions through words is a bliss. Realise that the power within you is greater than the power in the world.
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10 Unforgettable childhood memories that will take you back to school...

Childhood memories are precious moments that are unforgettable and take you back to the golden times when we enjoyed the charms of...

Surge in Domestic Abuse: A Nightmare for the Victimized!

“Eyes gazing with bewilderment at the intense wounds given, mind playing the recorded cassette of two tales: the inflicted pain and the...

COMPETITION in Optimistic Light!

Life is a race, in fact if I say it is a competition, it wouldn’t be wrong. The luxuries and fascinations of...

Why satisfying your soul is a priority?

We give a lot of ourselves to this mundane world without realizing that satisfying this temporary place and people associated with it, is not completely possible

Pakistan Downhearted at the Loss of its Iconic Star- Tariq Aziz

An individual who sparkles like a diamond and spreads light rays among others is worthy of love, respect

Deep Note – It is the Little things that Heart Craves...

All of us have different version of ourselves. One which demonstrates the calm, happy and robust outlook for the strangers and people who aren’t close enough.

Profound Understanding of the Term “Generation Gap”

Change is inevitable and is pivotal for the progression of society. But the gap which emerges from change can be minimized by communication and understanding.

Stigma: “She is the one to blame!”

If she is raped then it would be probably because of the size of her clothes as she would have tried to allure men to the extent that he gave in

Sentimental Students During Prevailing Pandemic

Students have always shown their over emotional side by complaining for every new thing that comes their way.

Conformity or Standing Out? Choice is yours!

I passed through a mob raising voices for something they apparently thought to be valid but subtly didn’t know the details about.