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Laura Wellington is a TEDx Speaker, Successful Media and Technology Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Television Creator, Best Selling Author, Major Media Blogger, Media-Entertainment-Technology Consultant. TEDx: "What's She Got That I Don't?"
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The Golf Pro That Called “FORE” Then Launched My Son

As I decided that my ten year-old son wouldn't being attending camp this year, we agreed that he would begin taking golf lessons at the local range.

The “Minimalist” Approach To Effective Skincare

Being that I'm fifty-three, the mother of five kids and that I was widowed eighteen years ago...that's a pretty large compliment if you ask me

Rising Up Or Uprising: How Will History Record George Floyd’s Murder?

At the center of the song is abuse, and the inability to accept that abuse anymore. It goes on to share how one chooses to "rise" against it.

George Floyd: Something Bigger

Like many parents, I really want a "cure" to be found for all of the wars involved in the one George Floyd's death represents -- racism, classism, political, cultural, ideological, and so on.

Could You Save Your Child’s Life If You Had To?

During the course of becoming a licensed foster parent, I was required to take a CPR course. My youngest took it with me as well.

Animal Crossing: Fueling Kids’ Sense of Accomplishment During Covid-19

I've become obsessed with my lawn since the onset of Coronavirus-induced quarantine. Read more