Maryam Iftikhar

In the journey of tears and traumas, hope and joy I have become a woman who worked on herself, broke the shackles and is trying to own her life.
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Realize The Price Paid For Independence

Some Pakistani migrants were killed and some were saved by friends. This is my grandparent tale of 1947.

Unity is The Change We Dream Of!

Unity is important because honest and fearless people are stronger than oppressive powers. Unity is the change we dream of.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

When it is about brotherhood and unity one plus one equals to eleven, not two. Unity is a remedy and a bunch of good people can scare away the evil.

Make 2 Changes & Reduce Digital Stress

Whatever puts you off is not worth watching on social media. Distance yourself from unnecessary information and sleep in the extra time.

Diminishing Teacher Culture

Real teachers help you explore yourself and teach out of passion. Such professors are gems! But it's time for feudalistic slide-readers to reform.

The world I wanted in 2030

We can work from today to bring back essential education and compassion for a reformed future that may not be too far away.

View On Banning PUBG in Pakistan

PUBG is a point of virtual connectivity for sane people during pandemic. So, a ban will not save a man from ending up as a gaming addict if he lacks self-control and maturity.

Unseen beauty of Balochistan

Our Southern Areas are as beautiful as our Northern Areas. Who knew Balochistan had waterfalls, beaches, lakes and historic landmarks?

Azad Kashmir in one day

Journey to & fro Pir Chanasi in Azad Kashmir was my first and only girls trip ever. My friend persuaded us and so, thankfully, now I have a proud and fun memory to ponder over in pandemic.

Prevention against Cyber Attacks

Find actual reasons behind suggested prevention techniques against cyber attacks.