I am Muzna From Pakistan. A girl with 1000 of thoughts in mind but without a platform
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Time Remembers

People say time is cruel. But it is not. It remembers what we forget. Time gives something to every generation.

Hope Lanterns

somewhere in the middle of sixteenth century, mankind put a man on trail for clearing the false notion that sun revolves around the earth

Not all women are oppressed

Sons are the ones who are most close to their Mothers. They love to show their new car to mothers at first. They just hug you and tell you 'Don't worry, your Son is here

Whitewashed Blindfold

Here is a book telling me every single story of my parent's love for me. The first day I said Papa but I should've learnt Mama first,

We The 3rd Generation (Personal Documentary)

My grandfather migrated from sub continent, my Father was born in Pakistan and now here I am the 3rd generation of my country.