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10 words of affirmation which you must say to yourself every...

Do you know that your brain is totally under your control at some specific times of a day? I think you...

6 types of reminders to change any habit

The best thing to change any habit is REMINDERS. You can even try this to leave any addiction, it may work in the same way.

6 Types of people to stay away from

Not every person worth being friends with. People are people. They are not all angels or devils

6 Reasons that Procrastination is not Always Bad

The topic may pinch you a little, but trust me, I am the person who is always in time, regular in things, punctual in schedules, and have never been a PROCRASTINATOR.

Give a test run to beta version of “YOURSELF” (2)

The article is the continuation of Give a test run to beta version of "YOURSELF" (1) Fix your bugs...

Give a test run to beta version of “YOURSELF” (l)

Change is the only constant in this world. That means change is the only option to survive for any living and...

What to do in the times of Corona? (Part-2)

We could have never imagined that life would be so EASY that we will start working OFFICIALLY from home in our pajamas.

Say hello to your old friends while ‘Social Distancing’

Social distancing… Is it really what we need these days? In the days of such an unpleasant state,

What to do in the times of Corona? (Part-1)

I barely knew that I would be writing about the “Corona” one day; instead, I have started my “Corona Series” folks! So let’s do it.

Fight or flight? Is the end near?

Fight or flight response, what is it? Most probably the response that you and your body are dispensing these days.