Beginning – There’s always a fresh start 🌺

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I know sometimes you feel like giving up on people and on yourself , I know you have good days and bad days but more bad than good or so it seems , I know everyday you question yourself “what is this all for?” “Am I making the right choices?” Or “am supposed to be here, now?” I know you have more questions than answers and most of the time you don’t even know how to explain them. I know life is hard , but you have to keep going,

You have to RISE above the waters of your soul and bloom , NO MATTER how hot the fire is, NO MATTER how many arrows you carry on your back, believe me, YOU are a WARRIOR

You are a SOLDIER filled with both pain and courage , life is just another beast you were meant to tame and there is no one better for the job, other than YOU let go and let LIFE strengthen you , NO MATTER how much it hurts , hold your head up and keep going , your PAST was NEVER a “mistake” if you learned from it .

So take all the crazy experiences and lessons and place them in a box labeled “THANKYOU” , there is always another chance for you . YOU may have a fresh start any moment you choose , for this thing we call failure is NOT the falling BUT the staying down !! Whatever you fear about , Remember GOD’s power always prevails He uses all things for his glory NOTHING is wasted NO MATTER how many times you mess up GOD is always there to give you a fresh start , just believe in yourself and His Mercy !!!!

Yours sincerely “positivity “❣️

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