Reading Black Lives Matter Analogies for the Confused All Lives Matter Advocate

Black Lives Matter Analogies for the Confused All Lives Matter Advocate

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The Black Lives Matter movement has been the forefront of media attention for the last few months, bringing attention to the racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans. While there is nothing inherently wrong with their goals, some people are offended by the name of the movement itself. These critics claim that the name of the movement places Black lives above those of other races. The infamous All Lives Matter slogan surfaced in response. However, it’s obvious that many of the people using the phrase have misunderstood the intentions of the BLM.

Here are 3 analogies to explain why countering the Black Lives Matter movement with All Lives Matter makes no sense:

The Burning House Analogy 

Imagine your house is on fire, so you call the fire department to put the fire out. When the firetruck arrives, the firemen begin to hose down all the neighborhood houses one by one. You frantically explain to the firemen that your house is the one on fire and needs the attention. The firemen casually respond with “but ALL houses matter. Your house is not any better the other houses in the neighborhood.”.

Indeed, we agree that all lives do matter and have worth. The BLM movement only asks for attention to their plight, as they are the one whose “house is on fire”.

TikTok user played this situation out in a viral post with over 2 million views.

ngl this is how some of y’all sound :/ #blm #fyp

♬ original sound –

“All Diseases Matter”

One Twitter user @arthur_affect compared using the All Lives Matter Slogan instead of Black Lives Matter to being angry at a cancer fundraiser for focusing on a singular disease when “All diseases matter”.

This is an especially relevant comparison given the Covid 19 situation. Across the world, countries are taking measures to prevent and treat Covid19 cases in their respective populations. By no means does that suggest that other diseases and illnesses have taken a break or are no longer a threat. We have just decided to give our attention to the biggest threat to our wellbeing. Similarly, stating that Black Lives Matter does not mean that only Black lives matter. It means that they are the ones whose wellbeing is actively being threatened and that we need to focus our attention to correct the situation.

Graphical Representation

This graphical representation shows the misunderstanding people have in regard to the name of the BLM movement. The movement does not aim to place Black lives above the lives of other races. Rather, it intends to bring to light the issues faced by Black Americans in the USA that cause them to fear for their lives on a regular basis. The movement solely concentrates on the issues of black people because they are being treated as though their lives don’t matter. The name itself is a plea to the police and people of America to treat them the way they deserve to be treated, as equals.

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  1. You’ve explained so so well. This is similar to the case where “women rights” are tried to be annexed with human rights. The exact same theory applies there. I am gonna use it to explain now.

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