Can Love and Personal Space Stay Together?

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Love is a feeling as deep as an ocean and life without love feels void. You get surrounded by profound and intense feelings when love gradually approaches you with warm hugs of ecstasy, butterflies in the stomach and joy of admiration.

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But that is the tale of true love which brings you absolute enchantment. Once in a lifetime, we all experience such emotions because love reaches every soul in different forms. The important part about love is that it is vital component of life yet not the only one. We all have our goals, life plans, social circles and personal space as well. You might have heard “Excess of everything is bad.” The statement also applies to excessive love because too much sugar can serve as a taste spoiler.

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We all as human beings desire to have someone in our lives who would respect, admire, and value us. But along with this, we crave for our personal space because love is not a cage. The space to accomplish the dreams and goals we have yearned for so long. It is not meant to bring a gap in our relationship rather it’s a way of understanding your partner deeply, acknowledging them and becoming a support above all. When you love someone truly, you wish for them growth, progression and above all happiness.

Personal space and love can stay together in fact both can slay together. The only thing required is understanding, appreciating and letting each other grow in their own arena. A little bit of distance cannot jeopardize a relationship whose roots are strongly based on compassion and empathy. Nothing can bring two love birds apart if they have pure hearts and wish each other best. So remember


Whenever love approaches you, always value the goals of your partner as if they were your goals and give them the space to achieve them. It would be the most exquisite moment for you when your partner will be jumping high for accomplishing something in life that you supported and they toiled for.


  1. After all there is a difference in loving someone and obsessing over them keeping them in confinement. Love and personal space surely can stay in one place between two sane minds. xD

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