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Covid-19 and its global impacts

Introduction:Balance, if dusturbed, can cause catastrophic changes in the world. When balance of population gets disturbed, the rule of natural selection is...


What is procrastination and how often do you face, is it a trait or a behavior or an illness?

Sentimental Students During Prevailing Pandemic

Students have always shown their over emotional side by complaining for every new thing that comes their way.

Post Pandemic Climate Change Calamity

Amazon rain forest fire and Australian jungle fire are signs from Earth. If we don't stabilize our environments today we will witness a chaos as mismanaged as disaster management for prevailing pandemic. We have to begin now to plant more trees and save them!

Class of 2020 & Pandemic

These days for class of 2020 feel like an amalgam of optimism and apprehensions, faith and fears as well as eagerness and self-doubts.

Ramadan during corona virus

In the midst of the promotion on whether the pandemic was a scheme, regardless of whether the world would discover an immunization in time

Kindness in times of Corona Pandemic

Kids, community workers and neighbors around the world are looking out for each other. So lets be kind to the world when it's being eaten by corona virus.

3 Warfare COVID-19 Initiated

A war is a word associated with catastrophe and turmoil. It has never brought good to anyone.

Where to spend in times of Covid-19

The famous Covid-19 aka Corona Virus has got us to rethink our priorities. It has altered our routine and activities.

What to do in the times of Corona? (Part-2)

We could have never imagined that life would be so EASY that we will start working OFFICIALLY from home in our pajamas.

Say hello to your old friends while ‘Social Distancing’

Social distancing… Is it really what we need these days? In the days of such an unpleasant state,

Quarantine finally brings some good news for globe!

Many businesses, industries and factories are forced to shut down and reduce their operations to curb the speed of this fatal virus.

Pandemic and Pakistan, Far Away from Near Future.

Currently, I doubt, if any of rational creation is not aware of what is happening on the surface and environment of our beloved Earth ūüĆć.

Mental Health Amidst the Pandemic, Precautions!

Covid-19, after having been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO),..

Corona Virus: Shaking Hand or Resisting?

Meeting your loved ones with lovely greetings, tight handshakes and warm hugs is a part of everybody’s daily lifestyle.

Are we partners in crime with that Corona guy?

Let us applaud for all those at service in the field by staying in because none of us would be able to live with the guilt of possibly being a murderer after all.

What to do in the times of Corona? (Part-1)

I barely knew that I would be writing about the ‚ÄúCorona‚ÄĚ one day; instead, I have started my ‚ÄúCorona Series‚ÄĚ folks! So let‚Äôs do it.