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Why is “Piku” a great film for young adults?

Piku touches a practical parent-child issue with humor, some heat and brown household drama. Perfect emotional display of patience and love.

The 100

I started watching this because i was really bored. First impression, low budget working and medium documentation. But fortunately, I really liked it. The show is really good!

What is self-respect in a relationship?

Is one slap enough to break a relationship? It is when it effects our self-respect and devalues our efforts to build & maintain it,

20 comedies to watch or re-watch in quarantine!

Customized bucket list of comedies for you in quarantine. Personal favorites! Featuring Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel as well as Melissa McCarthy and more of kings and queens of laughter.

Top 3 animated shows you must watch if you understand Dark...

3 of the most amazing dark comedy shows that are guaranteed to make your brain cells tickle from time to time. Must Watch!