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The “Minimalist” Approach To Effective Skincare

Being that I'm fifty-three, the mother of five kids and that I was widowed eighteen years ago...that's a pretty large compliment if you ask me


Youth is the period of life between childhood and old age. But there are different interpretations of this word.

Could You Save Your Child’s Life If You Had To?

During the course of becoming a licensed foster parent, I was required to take a CPR course. My youngest took it with me as well.

Quick And Easy Remedies To Eliminate Hiccups

Everyone experiences hiccups at one time or another,mostly hiccups go away on their own within few minutes

Excessive vs. Intensive: Getting out of your comfort zone

Have you ever seen a HIIP (High-Intensity Interval Training) person struggling to run a Kilometer? How about...

Fight or flight? Is the end near?

Fight or flight response, what is it? Most probably the response that you and your body are dispensing these days.

You have been doing these 4 work-outs completely wrong!

Checkout these amazing 4 trips and tricks to help you work out like pros.