What it means to be the best version of yourself

Be You! Be you! Be you!! Rest of the world comes later.. Try to keep smile on your face and do not beat a dead horse again and again.

Make 2 Changes & Reduce Digital Stress

Whatever puts you off is not worth watching on social media. Distance yourself from unnecessary information and sleep in the extra time.

Why satisfying your soul is a priority?

We give a lot of ourselves to this mundane world without realizing that satisfying this temporary place and people associated with it, is not completely possible

6 Types of people to stay away from

Not every person worth being friends with. People are people. They are not all angels or devils

6 Reasons that Procrastination is not Always Bad

The topic may pinch you a little, but trust me, I am the person who is always in time, regular in things, punctual in schedules, and have never been a PROCRASTINATOR.

Peeking in the Struggle Caves with Hope

Life is a stage of trials where struggle is prominent throughout our lives. The coronavirus epidemic seems to be an addition in the already occupied world of responsibilities, burdens and ambitions.

Filling the Void in Life with Goals

Don’t let the time deceive you and lead you to the path of dark thoughts that your desire is unachievable and you should give up.

A Way Of Being Happy

The fundamental reason why happiness is so important is that it's extremely vital to our own goals in life

Give a test run to beta version of “YOURSELF” (2)

The article is the continuation of Give a test run to beta version of "YOURSELF" (1)

Give a test run to beta version of “YOURSELF” (l)

Change is the only constant in this world. That means change is the only option to...

How to deal with an emotional “Blast from the Past”

How I pass through an emotional flash of painful memories. Let's learn to pass it without any embarrassment.

12 of the most striking, moving, and persuasive statements by popular Business Pioneers

Motivation can come to us from various sources, in a wide range of structures. Motivation can be indispensable to us.


The air is pure, but wearing mask is necessary. The cook inside you is crazy but you can't unvite your friends on lunch .

What the American sitcom ‘Friends’ taught us?

Why best friends are important?? The thing about best friends is that friends don’t expect anything in return.

Happiness vs Goals; A quick insight to the world of wants

Happiness is a goal that many people aspire to. Most people also have a strong desire to be successful in life

Beginning – There’s always a fresh start 🌺

I know sometimes you feel like giving up on people and on yourself , I know you have good days and bad days.

Hope. ☀️ Personal documentary by Emaan

Sometimes, all we wanna do is run away!! At times in life we feel like stop trying.

YOU ☀️


5 types of people that harm everyone around them

We interact with different types of people who have different personalities .And sometimes we tend to get close to those people

How you can become a real warrior

We are molded by society in such a way that we no more care about humanity but all we care about is actually nothing.

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