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What is Depression

hen you know you have done all possible things to make the world happy and you are still not getting what you want

Diminishing Teacher Culture

Real teachers help you explore yourself and teach out of passion. Such professors are gems! But it's time for feudalistic slide-readers to reform.

The world I wanted in 2030

We can work from today to bring back essential education and compassion for a reformed future that may not be too far away.

COMPETITION in Optimistic Light!

Life is a race, in fact if I say it is a competition, it wouldn’t be wrong. The luxuries and fascinations of...

Why Suffering?

We all have our share of suffering in life. Regardless of age, gender, religion, we all go through ups and downs. But why do we have to suffer for certain things in our life? Why can’t we get them in the first place if after some pain and suffering we will eventually have it?

Expectation Vs Reality

Today's love demands the fulfillment of every test. To be complete. To give full support of one person to another person at every turn, to be present.


The world inside us often gets sad with all the chaos of the outside world and being in constant sadness, at times leads towards depression.

Deep Note – It is the Little things that Heart Craves...

All of us have different version of ourselves. One which demonstrates the calm, happy and robust outlook for the strangers and people who aren’t close enough.

The Fighters of Darkness-Depression is a battle

Stephen  Fry  an English writer, comedian and actor well said about depression and a depressed person that: “If you...

Profound Understanding of the Term “Generation Gap”

Change is inevitable and is pivotal for the progression of society. But the gap which emerges from change can be minimized by communication and understanding.

Depression and Anxiety

How many lives do we have to lose before we can solve a very obvious and important...

Conformity or Standing Out? Choice is yours!

I passed through a mob raising voices for something they apparently thought to be valid but subtly didn’t know the details about.

What is self-respect in a relationship?

Is one slap enough to break a relationship? It is when it effects our self-respect and devalues our efforts to build & maintain it,

Are you holding things back? Come let’s set them free together!

Some wounds leave deep scars that never fade away and hurt whenever we look back at them.

Mothers as Heavenly Creatures on Earth

God is closer to our jugular vein and knows everything that is in our hearts. He lives high above in the sky so in order to make His creation experience love on earth, He blessed us with heavenly mothers.

Stop with the People Pleasing!

I was afraid of being left out. I always agreed to anything people (and by people I mean those who claim...

Mothers need recognition, Happy Mothers Day!

Your recognition, a lovely hug and few words of honest appreciation mean the world to your mother.

Does Overthinking Contribute in Your Problem Solving?

The Creator of this universe has beautifully designed each and every part of human body but it is in our hands how we use it.