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How much i think Childhood is precious for me

Childhood, the most beautiful period of life. The best part of life. The amazing time of life. But the sad part is that once lost will never regain it.

Seniors Aren’t Welcome In The United States

We live in a nation that doesn’t understand what it is like to grow old; a land that forgets that no one “chooses” to do it. It just happens.

Why i think Sindh is being Destroyed!

"Language represents a nation throughout the world". First of all throw light on our role in destroying our homeland,...

Time Remembers

People say time is cruel. But it is not. It remembers what we forget. Time gives something to every generation.

Whatever you believe you receive

ometimes things are not working as we want them to work then what to do this is also a question but I think if it's not working then universe is planning something more meaningful to your life let it happen .

Hope Lanterns

somewhere in the middle of sixteenth century, mankind put a man on trail for clearing the false notion that sun revolves around the earth

Are we really independant?

You can't call yourself a self-governing guy, when you even can't take decisions of your life by yourself. Stop calling yourself a self-reliant man,

Whitewashed Blindfold

Here is a book telling me every single story of my parent's love for me. The first day I said Papa but I should've learnt Mama first,

Is Disability obstacle to success?

When we think about success and disability, what’s the first thing that comes in our mind? Do you put the two hand-in-hand or think they’re separate?

How to overcome stage fear

Stage fear is quite common among people. Almost everyone has it. For instance, I too face stage fear...

Rain is happiness

Yes! of course this is only rain. Of course! Rain is reason of blooming of flowers. Rain is reason behind every smile! It is reason of happiness!


I'm fine and young like always, he winked and smiled. What about you? ". He asked him while putting cups of coffee on the table.

Systematic Racism in West

The recent incident with George Floyd’s brutal murder at the hands of a white police officer exposes the outright hatred and contempt that the African-American community

Black Lives Matter Analogies for the Confused All Lives Matter Advocate

The Black Lives Matter movement has been the forefront of media attention for the last few months, bringing attention to the racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans.


Have you ever been stopped from doing something because of your skin colour, background, looks, or the way you live your life?

See why Mexico sits at the top of Medical Tourism

Mexico is a top notch medical destination for people across the world, especially those in America, thanks to its close proximity to the United States

2020 – The great realization

2020 has been a disastrous year so far. It was perfectly explained by Tom Roberts in his poem.

3 Fiction Books that Tackle Fear

An individual may come across in their course of life, does that mean they should be blind to the other lessons that life has to offer?