Black Lives Matter Analogies for the Confused All Lives Matter Advocate

The Black Lives Matter movement has been the forefront of media attention for the last few months, bringing attention to the racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans.


Have you ever been stopped from doing something because of your skin colour, background, looks, or the...

See why Mexico sits at the top of Medical Tourism

Mexico is a top notch medical destination for people across the world, especially those in America, thanks to its close proximity to the United States

2020 – The great realization

2020 has been a disastrous year so far. It was perfectly explained by Tom Roberts in his poem.

3 Fiction Books that Tackle Fear

An individual may come across in their course of life, does that mean they should be blind to the other lessons that life has to offer?

It’s time to wake up and to do something fascinating.

Even if this time is hard, it is the biggest opportunity to avail, the things you thought. To work upon your soul and make a stronger connection with Allah almighty, to recite and grasp the hidden and interesting facts of Holy Book, which will help you to boost your faith.

Let the Kindness in- learn to say Thank You!

I often think that why we are so ungrateful as a society? Why don't we bother to say "Thank you" for little favors?

Finding Courage Where You Least Expect It

Movies often depict their main protagonist just before completing some undoable task.

When Life is Uncertain

“Death is the destination we all share; no one has ever escaped...

Should You Read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho?

If you’re a lover of books then you’ve probably read Paulo Coelho’s bestselling novel, The Alchemist.

A World Without Books?

People should read books. In this way, they may be able to develop their cognitive skills. They may become more efficient

The Pursuit to truth by Faisal Ali Saroshi

In a society where we live, a great attention is paid on learning, not our society but in every society of the world.

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