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Facebook facing allegations of spying on Instagram Users

Facebook has been accused of spying on Instagram users through their own smartphone cameras. Sources even reported that Facebook was even accessing the Cameras when users were offline.

Oracle buying TikTok from the Chinese Company ByteDance: EXPLAINED.

TikTok was developed by a Chinese company named ByteDance. A national security issue arose when the US concerned authorities realized that tons of data of the US Consumers is being collected and sent to China.

Is ‘YouTube Shorts’ an Alternative to TikTok in India?

YouTube is launching "YouTube Shorts" initially in India. This feature is very much similar to the one offered by TiktTok.

Microsoft Surface Pro: A Complete Device

Microsoft Surface Duo is a rather new device and the developers haven’t really designed their apps according to its functioning.

Experts warn: Computer Controlled Brain chips can be hacked

The era of robots, artificial intelligence, computer experts and of course hackers…

What to expect in the upcoming IPhone 12

From the dummies that we’ve seen and based on all the research, you may expect to have your IPhone with looks much similar to that of the new IPad Pro 2020.

Pakistan’s first private space company will be carrying its first space...

The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited is based in Karachi and led by CEO Sami Ullah Khan who announced on his twitter account that they will be carrying its first space missions on 14 August.

Top 4 Vlogging Camera 2020

The great models in the high-end section of a vast online marketplace are the most advanced features and cutting edge technology.

Prevention against Cyber Attacks

Find actual reasons behind suggested prevention techniques against cyber attacks.

Why & How Do Agencies Spy On Us?

Understand why and how agencies spy on us through viruses and equipped algorithms. A game of inevitable digital autonomy effecting all of us!

Why is Online Security not a thing?

A simple article explaining complex concepts such as cyber security and point of attacks. Helpful for students for convenient understanding.

Human marriage with robots; How?

Lil Miquela, a human-robot, is programmed to be a 19-year old music aspirer and a virtual influencer. Does her civilization bring uncertainties in future?