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Not all women are oppressed

Sons are the ones who are most close to their Mothers. They love to show their new car to mothers at first. They just hug you and tell you 'Don't worry, your Son is here

Creativity in 21st century ft. Noor Binte Amir

oor binte Amir has assumed many roles in life from being a software engineering student at NUST, a graphic designer, a watercolor painter, a 3D artist as well as a skilled game developer and Android developer.

A tribute to every Woman out there

When a woman exists in this world then, she's there to be the reason of someone's existence. The woman who can make herself weird to make others beautiful.

A Spoon From the Plate of 2020

women empowerment can only work if we beat the stigmas and let our daughters get educated, give them the support and trust, and avoid imposing decisions forcefully in any social pressure

Surge in Domestic Abuse: A Nightmare for the Victimized!

“Eyes gazing with bewilderment at the intense wounds given, mind playing the recorded cassette of two tales: the inflicted pain and the...

Stigma: “She is the one to blame!”

If she is raped then it would be probably because of the size of her clothes as she would have tried to allure men to the extent that he gave in

Financial security is important for women

Women must earn because self-sufficiency is not a luxury. It should be a personal responsibility first!