Covid19 Class of 2020 & Pandemic

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Class of 2020 & Pandemic

Our graduation hats were waiting. Final semester students were already anxious about their blurry future and now the pandemic has built a wall for the class of 2020. Difficulty levels of the wall vary for different students. Self-learners are finding a way to climb this wall, some of us are trying to work on our skills other than academics while remaining ones are struggling to adjust to a non-disciplinary routine. As a student who was about to graduate, this time at home has helped me restart to read, write more habitually and explore the chef in me. So I guess I fall in the second category. But in addition to my joyful hobbies and managing to stick with optimism, I am still apprehensive about the future, deep-down.



Saying “YES” to Siffar was the first best thing to do in lock-down because I got the opportunity to write professionally. Being with the platform has given me a chance to test my diversity and has also helped me stay disciplined in holidays.


Writing gives me joy. My English teacher in college was a mentor. A young girl herself, but she excavated my writing talents. For more than five years I have been into essay writing which eventually opened more genres for me. So, turning a hobby into passion and now into work has been brilliant. The power to simplify feelings and being able to address a stance satisfies a part of me that craves success and excellence.


A book I am reading nowadays; ISIS Inside The Army of Terror
Source Image: International Peace Institute

As I shared earlier how I was brought up in a non-bookish culture and I worked on my thoughts and desires to be able to like to read, so I have been into that. I am currently reading a book called “ISIS: Inside The Army of Terror” by Hassan Hassan and Michael Weiss. I read two pages in the morning by the window while birds are chirping and orange rays are cutting my sky beautifully. It gives me the sense of attaining knowledge while enjoying my time with myself.


Garlic Spaghetti at home
Quick Garlic Fix Spaghetti

Yes, almost everybody became a chef in quarantine but how is that a boring news? The ability to have a fancy snack straight out of your kitchen into your tummy is one of the happiest-personal skill any human being can have. The spaghettis and pizzas I used to drool over, yeah, I can make them at home. It’s a personal victory for me and for all those who are after me now.


It is a blessing to have a family and to have a peaceful home. News discussions, chit-chat along household chores and grocery ventures have all been cozy and connected. Especially the feeling that I have my people with me so I must recognize this with humility and gratitude. Additionally, I have realized the significance of all the time we have today and to say things as soon as they pop into my head, before the world runs out of time.


I dropped minor grievances and stepped up to greet a few people. Those people who didn’t make an initial move to ask how I was. But I asked them because I cannot imagine to live with the guilt of not calling an acquaintance and checking up on them. We only have issues and conflicts while we are alive but this time in quarantine has helped me ponder over the essence of human connection and mutual respect. It is necessary we appreciate and practice small acts of love and care, for our own well-being at least.



It is hard for me to work on the project without being at campus and physically present with my partner and teachers. How will it be completed and will I be able to put my considerate share? It’s overwhelming.


For a struggling undergraduate it was prime time to graduate in order to indulge in something better to try to make a life, while I have the window open. But now uncertainties are stronger and in constant race with hope and courage.


A question mark
Source Image: Freepik

Does anyone also think that if we get the chance to appear for interviews in a normal world ever again, we’ll be asked what did we do academically for ourselves at home? How did class of 2020 utilize their time by learning? What if our casual-daily life today makes us look bad for a candidate after a year or so?


The feeling of pacing with future is exhausting while knowing your weak points and capacities to flourish in a certain field. The constant battle of trying to be better in your field or trying to be better at your passion gives me sweats. Sometimes it is emotionally a drop-back to witness my peers growing in a similar scope whereas I feel stuck most of the time.

Freelancing has been a trend for some years now but have I been good at it? Will I find a spot in the industry? Should I pursue it with my writing skills? What if this becomes the most hailed way to earn money and I still lag behind others? Moreover, our economies have been hit by the pandemic so will I adapt to the changed ways of income and uncertain economy? Those among you who were about to graduate, what are your feelings?

These days feel like an amalgam of hope yet uncertainty, optimism and apprehensions, faith and fears as well as eagerness and self-doubts. What a man can do is stick to their goals, continue to suppress the doubts and strive for their personal glory. Just like it is said to continue to help yourself so that God can help you further. I am trying with strength to live with my faith and that’s how I pick myself up for every new day!

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Maryam Iftikhar
Maryam Iftikhar
In the journey of tears and traumas, hope and joy I have become a woman who worked on herself, broke the shackles and is trying to own her life.


  1. I’m also a final semester student and we have all the same apprehensions! might look into becoming a quarantine chef as well

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