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COMPETITION in Optimistic Light!

Life is a race, in fact if I say it is a competition, it wouldn’t be wrong. The luxuries and fascinations of this mundane world attract each and every person. But the style to achieve them varies. Some merely sit, scroll and envy the ones having attained position of apparent comfort and privilege. They don’t look subtly at the sheer efforts done behind instead they focus on the incomplete picture shown. There are exceptions as well where some people are fortunate and lucky enough to get beauties of life without struggling much but that’s their fate and the Lord of this world has divinely written the destiny of all as He wished.

The worldly competition is everywhere from international level to national level and from national level to group level but here I want to focus on individuals competing with one another. I learned from the passing years that competition exists, you cannot deny it but your approach makes a huge difference.

Though competition is a reality and it exists among people, it needs to be healthy. The one in which you are learning some new quality or skill from your competitor and they are also growing by learning from you. Where you are not enemies of each other and providing aid to the other person where needed. Even if you are not in a state to help, you are not amplifying their problems. When you compete with others to overtake them, you lose the chance to fully showcase your potential as your full energy and concentration is given to the thought and fight of succeeding from somebody.

I took a left then I took a right

 Competition everywhere pulls me tight

 I shook off my shoulder in plight

Either it’s my way or directionless sight

I opt to compete with self to make it bright

Yes Competition! It’s competition in optimistic light

Competition is all about progression and in this way, never forget your biggest competitor is “Self” which needs to nurture and flourish with time and shouldn’t be left stagnant by focusing on earthly competition. The best form of competition is the one done with your self for improvement, growth and becoming a better individual.

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Asma Sajid
Asma Sajid
The power of articulating your thoughts and emotions through words is a bliss. Realise that the power within you is greater than the power in the world.


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