Conformity or Standing Out? Choice is yours!

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 “I passed through a mob raising voices for something they apparently thought to be valid but subtly didn’t know the details about. I stood there and heard them vocalizing that they had to support their buddy no matter if he is right or wrong. My mind became blank with haze and my eyes gazed. But then I sighed and started moving accepting that it was not the first time when conformity had prevailed.”

Source: Pinterest

We all have witnessed scenarios where choosing truth over wrong becomes challenging. People are being deceived by the oceans of relational sentiments and made to provide backing for dark directions of amiss. The actions proceeded by emotional motives are a proof of loyalty to the next party but unfortunately the definitions of some easy sounding words like “loyalty” and “sincerity” are heavy and require much detailed explanation as their misinterpretations are becoming a menace while implementation.

Are You Called Loyal Supporting the Wrong?

If somebody asks you to follow them in their wrongdoing and call it “loyalty” towards them then sorry pal you are being mistaken and played. If you are being labelled as disloyal for showing your friend a vivid mirror of correctness then understand this thing, you do not belong to that fake place where you have to hide your true self and indulge in puffery and false praise.

It is Ok to be Different One

You do not have to follow the crowd in order to fit in or get accepted. Standing out and holding a different opinion is absolutely fine. Even if it brings you a small social circle having real friends it is worth it. The problem with today’s world is that there are many followers yet few thinkers who form their original opinion based on facts and logistics.

Be a Thinker!

My suggestion for all my readers out there is to critically analyze things on micro and macro level then form your perspective rather than solely relying on the vision of others and supporting them blindly. Also, follow the influencers wisely because they would also play a major role in your opinion formation and consent creation. Be the one who stands for truth even if everyone is opposing it as wrong still remains wrong no matter how massive and loud its support echoes. Be a thinker. Much power to you.

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