Depression and Anxiety

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How many lives do we have to lose before we can solve a very obvious and important problem? How many bodies do we have to cover before we realize that a person’s mental well-being is more important than its physical self? How many young people will die before we realize that people have been tortured by something terrible and much worse than a corona? It is the ten-letter word “DEPRESSION” and the 7-letter word “ANXIETY”.

Sushant Singh Rajput was not just an actor. Depending on his online life and the movies he has made, you certainly haven’t seen him in reaL life. He is not your life’s concept of ‘living the fantasy’, not just the roles he plays. He is a man, underneath the whole of his paintings. We all tolerate one thing or the other … yet, there is no one to communicate with the cause that people don’t hear … and the people who do are more anxious to give a harsh response than just tuning in.

Indian actor Shushant Singh Rajput has died of depression. Before the breaking news of his body from the roof of his Mumbai residency, what is your view of his life? He is a Bollywood actor, a very influential entertainer with global fans and artistic films. He worked on the movie “Chhichhore” where he gave his fans a lesson that he never gave up on life no matter how hard it is, yet he gave up on his life because it was too much. After all, we all want to escape the darkness.

He resembles any lady fantasies, luxurious lifestyles, drives fancy vehicles, and begins to see all the stars staring at him on-screen and off-screen … Obviously, man was everything he wants to be in his life.

was It Suitable for Living? Apparently “no”. There was something that compelled him to take the last jump beyond the last turn. Whatever the explanation, it was far more worse than what he had left. He had everything a person could ever want in this world, but, a choice that can be more grounded, it will motivate him to end his life in the long run.It’s depression. The feeling of being unloved and unwanted.

“And who was there at your darkest occasions? “

“We all have gone through hardships. There were individuals who were there. A few people who disappeared.

A few people acted like they were there.

In the end everyone needs someone to listen to them.

This is for everyone out there fighting depression and anxiety.

“Don’t give up”

Your life is important. You are important. Talk to the people that are close to you. Who you can trust.

Don’t just pile up your feelings inside. Let them out. If you keep piling up your feeling it will have drastic effects for you and your loved ones.

I know it’s easy to say these things. But I still hope you can hold on to your life, trust Allah and his plans and remember “YOU MATTER”

There is always light after darkness. Don’t give up. Never give up. Life is worth living.

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