Psychology Diminishing Teacher Culture

Diminishing Teacher Culture

We lack empathy and are whirled by mechanistic approaches towards everything.

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Pandemic is a difficult time for almost everybody. Every pattern of our life is restricted and we are adapting to a digital life now. But in a third world country, a digital life is not necessarily at the speed of 4-G. I’d like to reflect about our educational policies during a catastrophe and the behavior of our student-teacher personnel in such a time. It makes me think of surrounding issues and this seems like a time to share them. As a student and as an aspiring teacher I understand what it takes to study and how much energy is spent while teaching. This article is about diminishing teacher culture.


In school, teachers were adorned as our second parents and honestly they did earn those ranks. They were kind, compassionate and concerned. Everyday felt like a day to impress them. We were classified among best, average and struggling ones but never stopped trying. Our efforts were welcomed with appreciation and love. I remember there were four categories in a class; students who put great effort and attained positions, the ones who have efficient brains which need less time to excel at every subject, the ones who don’t like or bother to study and the ones my heart goes out to, who struggle to score in any subject.


Kind teacher with student
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A teacher’s word did seem like that of a mother or a father because all of them had one thing in common, they never ever abandoned a kid. Mischief is not a problem, struggling is. The feeling of being worthless and a loser at everything suppresses ones’ confidence. Those students were rebuked but never left alone. They were dealt with attention and strictness. It took more time for them to grasp a concept, more time to complete homework and more time to learn for a quiz but they were never abandoned. Teachers liked to share extra time with them off duty and kept a sensitive eye on their progress. Psychological issues were also considered and dealt accordingly.


Students learn and stumble, we dwindle but we keep on going. We get relaxed and we become attentive, it’s all a student life regime. Those students which were sucked on by teachers maybe hated them but they miss them today. Those parents’ alike teachers are diminishing and the essence of teacher culture is lost.


My thoughts do not merely flash upon average students from school, my words are also for the bright kids who got lost after teachers left our hands. I disagree with the culture where big students self-learn and it’s not a big deal where teachers don’t care for us anymore. If everyone starts to supplement for others’ roles our institutions will collapse. A teacher is always a role-model and the one we look up to. Our personalities are at the verge of formulation at their hands. We grow and take shapes because of their words and actions altogether combined with our own interests.


Regardless of what grade a student studies in, majority students are far below a teacher’s intellect and we ache for their support and attention that we were once fed up of. We find road-maps through their journeys and expect them to be our light. A teacher’s experience is like a grandpa/grandma story; pouring suspense, lessons, pain, struggle, failure, victory and contentment. Don’t you hear established actors, scientists, sportsmen, doctors, civil servants and even shoemakers, designers, educationists and successful men and women dedicating their lives to teachers who believed in them, trained them, worked with them and showed them paths. We cannot take out real teachers from our societies! They are our foundation and we idealize the ones who vibe out as genuine, ambitious and concerned teachers.


Shouting teacher
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I know myself. I know the kind of student I used to be and the kind I have become. There is no blame-game, but animosity in sad ways. I am far ahead of today’s schools and colleges but I have university professors to compare with my past. Excluding a handful of remarkable and kind teachers, there is a junction of selfish, unreasonably loud, money-launderers, unbothered and egoistic minds. A teacher attains respect with his efforts and knowledge. The discussion is not around perfection or being an academic-deity. It’s about having passion and respect for your pupils and the fortune one earns from this profession.


Two friends, siblings, partners or colleagues cannot dwell well if one of them is habitually ridiculed and mistreated by the other one. Similarly, both parties must maintain a healthy relationship of respect, concern and humanity. I do not intend to point towards work load or study pressure but I am adamant on striking a balance in every state of pressure. A healthy pressure that allows us to go grow and explore our abilities, that complements our skill-sets together.


Teaching is about equipping students to get on with life. It is about breaking down complexities and doing your best to simplify them. A literate can read and write himself but we need our teachers to spend their energies on what matters. Researching and learning before they teach us, sympathizing with our efforts and not putting us all on one belt of “ignorance”.


What is diminishing teacher culture? Unbothered whether we understood a lecture, insensitive to real issues and racing with ego against us is what it is at the upper-level. The one who stands at the dais is not a teacher until and unless they step up to relate to us. Their power of concern and effort is appreciated by those who wish to gain.


A man being crushed beneath a feudal shoe
Source Image: Cord Clayton Law Form

We have all come across the demerits of online classes so far. The audio/video issues are not due to teacher-student problems but lack of cooperation during chaos denotes how the teacher culture has diminished. Professors who scold students for their own illiteracy with technology, those who do not let us correct them, those who get offended if we demand our rights as well as the feudal system of threats and oppression. Above all those who believe that delivering ineffective sum of words and writing gibberish through slides’ marker is enough of education.


Suicide Image
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In extreme cases, I have seen and heard words of terror; “I expelled a student after 5 years of staying in Bachelors”. A teacher asked another; “Mark them zero and let them repeat a semester, why do you care so much?”. Another said I quote; “Try speaking up and I’ll have you out of here” and the height of pharaoh-ism; “It’s not our fault a student killed himself, he couldn’t sustain under pressure.” Etc. Internet flutters with such suicide cases. A human who does not shiver over someone’s death because of redundant failure in exams or by someone’s inability to grow in a wrong environment (despite their weak-futuristic efforts) is shameless. We lack empathy and are whirled by mechanistic approaches towards everything.


I can’t comprehend why our future and lives are meaningless in such eyes? Delaying our progress at the hands of fee-mafia and egos would derail our plans. We are not driving a single-bogey train, our families are dependent and concerned with our timely achievements. We are sons and daughters, we have a life to make, facilitate the people behind and ahead us.


If we can’t learn to build an efficient power generator or program a space-shuttle at campus it may be because we lost our directions. It may as well be because of deteriorated teaching mechanisms, loss of passion for students and ineffective syllabus and that we’re tired of getting knocked down again and again. As a result of this disruption, we may think of trying something new or approaching a changed field so let us escape the mis-venture. Conclusively, if a teacher is not capable enough to teach and doesn’t bother to as well then they must refrain from assuming authority of being obstacles in our academic lives. I intend to revive this diminishing teacher culture and I am doing my part in my capacity.

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