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Distant Yet Beautiful Eid of 2020

I can hear the murkiness in the air on Eid ul Fitr. Bright lights are dim and warm greetings are gloomy. Eid, this year is not as festive because we are all a little apart. We are emotionally present but we miss our concrete touch. Similarly, everybody is shackled in an invisible chain. Men will be unable to offer mass Eid prayer and women will not hug each other while sharing confections and vermicelli-sweets. There will be no hang-outs and parks will miss family picnics. But we’re not zooming in on what we have!

Eid Mubarak!
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Call your lens to focus inside your gate instead of panning on emptiness. If your parents are alive with you, be grateful. On a similar note, if your siblings or children are home, enjoy their company. We are missing out on the moments we cannot live with our living relatives and friends for now. I do not negate anybody’s pain and sadness; we all have reasons. But is our sorrow greater than that of a man who lost his best friend to death? Hope is dropping like battery bars for people who have said goodbyes to their corona infected family members in hospitals. So if we are safe and in peace, let’s celebrate this gift from God with gratitude. We have a lot to do this Eid ul Fitr as well.

For instance, my preparations for the day began a little too soon, around 3o’clock in the morning I cooked Vermicelli with my aunt, ironed our clothes and took out the jewelry I wanted to wear with the dress. While I was ironing I sensed a pinch of contentment because I did not ignore the worth of life and money, specifically in times of chaos. I was satisfied and happy with the house-decision to not put anyone’s life at risk. Consequently, I did not buy the risk of death for the color of cloth.

Envelopes depicting a socially-distanced Eid of 2020.

After offering Eid prayer at home, I took a nap but woke up early because I couldn’t wait to dress up. So firstly I did my regime of skincare and haircare. Facial cleansing and exfoliating to getting a good steam which ended with a refreshing shower. It was already 11o’clock and I was not ready. Using my quick talents, I put on makeup and made a double-lace braided hair updo. Quickly took some nice pictures and designed Eidi (gift money for children on the occasion) envelopes for the kids across the house. Yes! I wanted to add my contribution to their joy. Though I knew how we used to be greedy over the money and spending it all used to be the real fun.

Moving on, my uncle is a chef. Nobody makes better Pakistani-cuisine food than he does. I hope he had a restaurant but at least I get to enjoy his flavors every now and then at home. So, all of us had a good lunch together. It was Pulao (rice cooked in chicken or beef stew) and Chicken dish. Simple yet finger-licking! Food was delicious but there was a void, I was missing my other loved ones. I began calling everyone from among family and friends and we shared good wishes. Thankfully, my people were dressed up and were living up to the vibe. That was a mood boost!

Me, my friends and kids at her place playing Ludo game.

Let me say, as a responsible citizen I have been following social-distancing rules but decided to deliver Eidi myself at this joyous event. A small window of meetup with precautions. So, I equipped a surgical mask and promised myself to be careful. My childhood friend lives across my place and the kids are her niece and nephew. We are like a small family. I elbow-greeted them and sat at a distance. We talked, took pictures, had snacks together but the best part was that we played board Ludo. This happened after a number of years and my Eid just got better. We played a good round of the game but I kept losing against her brother. Huh! His forceful rules totally sided his benefit. But it was amazing as everyone was having a great time. At the time of Eidi, these kids got so happy over colorful envelopes. Seeing them made me happier. My sole intention was to add oomph to their inside-Eid ul Fitr this year.

Coming home I felt like I had a complete day but there was still more to go! Now it was time for additional laughter. I luckily found good content on TikTok and made funny videos. I was entertaining myself and everyone around in all possible ways. It was going great! Additionally, the reactions for my videos were exciting! I believe encouragement is truly the best way to show someone your love.

So that is how my first day of Eid was spent in harmony, happiness and love. After a full day, I dropped around 7 o’clock and had a good night sleep. How was your day?

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