Does Overthinking Contribute in Your Problem Solving?

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The Creator of this universe has beautifully designed each and every part of human body but it is in our hands how we use it. Brain is the most composite organ of the human body. The thought process in the mind generates emotions and feelings which has an overall impact on us. Nevertheless brain is the fundamental place where harmony and disturbance resides. We all seek to embed tranquility in us and desire soothing ambiance around us. But life is a blend of sadness and sweetness. It comes with all of its favors and nothing goes missing.

Mind is a mechanism which is sometimes overused in pointless thoughts. The thoughts of fears, doubts, vulnerability, insecurities and scenarios that will never come into existence.

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Don’t worry because this is not something that happens to you only as it is a common behavior experienced by all humans. We all at some point in our life overthink the things associated with our family, education, career, finances and love life. The problem doesn’t lie in such thoughts but it exists in the amount of time we give to them because time is a flowing ocean which doesn’t know the directions to return once it’s gone. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed by overthinking that we lose focus and everything starts to become a mess. And that is where the real problem takes birth.

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So ask yourself a question have ever your extended thought patterns solved the problems you had? The answer is absolutely no. This is because compulsive thinking contributes in more complications than remedies. It makes the situation deteriorating and takes you to the drastic roads of depression, anxiety and stress where your peace of mind and happiness is lost.

Have you ever wondered we overthink when our mind is stuck either in scenarios of past or happenings of future. The more we learn to stick to the current setting and give up the habit of compulsive thinking, the more peaceful our lives will get.

I know implementing this is not very easy and it requires effort but you can at least give a try as I did and I assure you, you will notice a change in yourself. The best way to overcome this thinking pattern is to divert your mind by focusing and observing on what is happening at the moment, even the smallest things like attentively listening to the sounds you heard before but never did  it consciously, feeling the air and things around, searching for beauty in everything etc.

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In a nutshell, fully live the moment by trying to make it best as your past can never be changed and your future is not in your hands but you can enjoy the charms of your present by living it to the fullest. The moments of present once gone becomes a memory that can only be cherished but can never be changed. So live life by realizing the POWER OF NOW.


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