Health Fitness Excessive vs. Intensive: Getting out of your comfort zone

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Excessive vs. Intensive: Getting out of your comfort zone

Have you ever seen a HIIP (High-Intensity Interval Training) person struggling to run a Kilometer? How about a marathoner who cannot run for Ten Kilometer? Well the answer lies in the body structure and the intensity of workout they have been doing to train themselves.

What is slow twitch and Fast twitch Muscle?

Generally people have two types of skeletal muscle Fiber one is slow-twitch (type1) and the second is fast-twitch (Type2). Slow-twitch muscle enables you to endure and survive much longer because its primary motive is to increase stamina and enhancing the oxygen level in the muscle cells which allows your body to burn energy for a much longer time period during the workout. Slow-twitch muscles are best for Aerobics, cardio, yoga and warm-up exercise. Whereas exercises such as Running, Swimming or Dreadful Gym Boredom (weight lifting) need Fast-twitch muscles because the scenario like this needs immense of amount of energy with quick muscle contraction and relaxation just like carbohydrates which gives a boost of energy, unlike fats which are stored energy in the body.

Which is better Slow twitch or fast twitch muscle?

According to the research the women have a greater distribution of type1 slow-twitch muscles and lower distribution of fast-twitch muscle. Now the question arises that is there a way to transform slow-twitch muscle to fast-twitch muscle? Well up till now there is no evidence that I can be transformed but fast-twitch muscle can be converted on to moderate twitch muscle through immense and resistance training but keep I mind fast-twitch muscles depletes the age as compared with the slow twitched muscle, so increasing muscle through gym may be less feasible in later life. Every type of muscle has its capabilities for instance if you are looking to increase muscle mass and improve strength then the fast-twitch muscle is the only way to do it but if you are looking for the boost in stamina or and increase in oxygen level then the slow-twitch muscle is the best way to do because it burns the energy for the longer period of time. Generally speaking when muscles are forced to get out from their comfort zone to work differently than the workout quality progresses with pain and there is saying that there is no gain without pain so the pain is just to give you the motivation to achieve better goals in your life.  

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