Entertainment Falak Shabir and Sara Khan recently got Engaged

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Falak Shabir and Sara Khan recently got Engaged

Sarah Khan is a Pakistani actress who appears in Urdu-language television series.

Falak Shabir is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, also referred as the “King of Soul Style” and “Mr. Unplugged”. He first came to attention with his 2008 debut single “Rog”, which was commercially successful

They both recently got engaged on 15 july 2020

Sarah Khan is a beloved actress and she’s been getting a lot more attention with her new drama Sabaat. Sara has always been loved for her acting skills. Her amazing performances have made everyone fall in love with her.

Sarah posted a picture of her wearing a ring on her engagement finger and the caption’ I said yes’.

Their fans are very much excited and sending them love and best wishes.

They do look cute together.Don’t they?

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