Health Fight or flight? Is the end near?

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Fight or flight? Is the end near?

Fight or flight response, what is it? Most probably the response that you and your body are dispensing these days. We all are in an “emergency mode”. Why? This yelling, crying and losing of mind these days… this is it! Because a predator is hanging out there, not like a predator for which we were prepared.

Let’s go back to the days when man used to live in the jungles. What did he do? What kind of modes he had had? He used to go out for food and come back to rest, in his cave or any hideout. It was his relaxation mode; a long-lived mode. And he used to be in a short emergency mode when he met a predator outside. This happens when our sympathetic nervous system gets active.

Every one of us is in the same situation as that of the primitive man in jungles, having a predator on the loose. But this is not a short time situation that will soon be gone.

This COVID-19 threat is haunting our minds and disturbing our lives. We are not prepared to deal with a long term danger. We can’t predict what’s coming tomorrow; we can’t say when will we get rid of this, that is making us anxious, really, really anxious. We need to control our minds; we need to shut down this anxiety. We need to be mindful of our thoughts! We need to shift us to relaxation mode. Why is it important? Our minds, our thoughts are leaving negative effects on our bodies. Would we let this go on unless we don’t get to escape from this predator?

Obviously, no! So get a hold of yourself, try to shift your mode to a relaxed state. Don’t crowd your brain with anxious thoughts but replace them with some pleasant ones. Be aware of your mind, be aware of your body, don’t let it do what it is doing. Take control of yourselves and shut this anxiety out if your minds!

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