George Floyd: Something Bigger

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There is no doubt that violence can be a remedy, but it has never been a cure. 

Like many parents, I really want a “cure” to be found for all of the wars involved in the one George Floyd’s death represents — racism, classism, political, cultural, ideological, and so on. 

But violence isn’t the answer.  Burning isn’t the answer.  Spewing hatred, spreading destructionfrightening our children…isn’t the answer. 

Killing others by forgetting that Coronavirus still lurks about isn’t the answer. 

We all need to take a breath today so that our nation can breathe more peacefully, wholly, and righteously tomorrow. 

Justice needs to be served, no doubt, but let not our actions currently delay or mitigate that justice in the larger sense of the word, long term.  Or make a mockery of the tragic death of a man and symbol.

Derek Chauvin was wrong in his behavior.  But that doesn’t warrant other knees to be placed on the necks of the innocent in response.  We needn’t invite anymore George Floyd-like deaths to occur. 

Otherwise, we will be throwing away any good that could possibly come from this hideous killing.

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  1. I agree, violence in return is never the cure and I wish there is a safer way to react. But what can a common man do? The rage of lifelong injustice, discrimination and cruelty! It’s hard to wait for our nominated representatives to fight for us, sincerely or with dishonesty. On the other hand, it is indeed very very sad to see cars being rolled over and their broken glasses. No innocent man should bear the consequence of this racial attack. Be it a racial attack, gender attack or a massacre of mankind… people are pumped with intolerance and exhaustion now. People want justice and results.

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