Motivation Give a test run to beta version of "YOURSELF" (2)

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Give a test run to beta version of “YOURSELF” (2)

The article is the continuation of Give a test run to beta version of “YOURSELF” (1)

Fix your bugs and errors

Done with all the cleaning? Now let’s talk about fixing things.  It is equally important as healing of a body wound or repairing a corrupt window or mobile app is important. Firstly, you have to look for the bugs and errors in you. For that you might need a detector. Following is the list of things can be used as the detector for bug and errors.

  • Your Top 10 bad habits
  • Your Top 10 critics by others which actually matter to you
  • Your Top 5 repeated mistakes since a year
  • Your Top 5 additive habits that are not productive

Make a quick list and then review it. Through this you can find out the errors and bugs in you and now you can fix them. Try not to fix all at once. You might “Hang”. Adopt this habit of fixing things inside you will make you enjoy the best-updated version of you.

Accelerate your memory

Speed matters. Taking quick decisions, making fast choices, replying instantly, cracking a joke spontaneously have their own perks. Your brain has micro memory boxes like computer chips, which work fast only when they are accelerated. Now how your brain gets accelerated?

  • Avoid saving unused thoughts permanently
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Unclutter your brain and make space for new updated stuff
  • Don’t overload your brain with JUST FOR INFORMATION stuff

Empty your recycle bin

After cache clearing and deleting browsing history, your device may feel a bit lighter. But in some devices there is a recycle bin from where you can always get your deleted things back. For the human mind, that’s a dangerous part. My suggestion is not to have any kind of recycle bin in your life. But if you do, try emptying it from time to time otherwise it will clog. Good memories do not need to be stored compellingly in your memory box, they will be there forever in permanent memory. But you still feel heavy even after deleting your bad memories, acts, and thoughts. You cannot change them but deleting them permanently, emptying your recycle-bin; will prove a sigh of relief.  

Install new version

Train yourself on detecting the notifications that your body gives you when there is time to install the new version. Do not hesitate to click OK as it will bring healthy changes to you for sure. What if you do not install updates and stick to your old version? Your survival may get into the threat. Don’t be a laggard, who always lag behind just because they are afraid of trying new things or losing their traditional styles of thinking, acting, choosing.

Explore what’s new

Enjoy your new version by giving it a try after updating it. Enjoy exploring new YOU. It is only possible if you allow yourself to accept changes in you. Repair errors in time. Deleting old stuff.  Clean the trash. Update consistently. Install the beta version of you now!

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