Hope. ☀️ Personal documentary by Emaan

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Sometimes, all we wanna do is run away!! At times in life we feel like stop trying.

We, humans are strange species, we always mess up things.

There are certain points in our life when we don’t know what the hell to do. At that point, I say we should relax for a bit.

Today i feel like A kite flying in the air ready to feel the blow of air not knowing where I am headed.

For the first time I feel like opening up my self to people in a way that’ll make me happy!!

I feel stressed as if the world somehow indirectly depends upon me!!

As said in the Quran :

“After every dificulty, there is an ease”

I often feel what am i gonna do? How am i gonna face everything? What’s gonna be next? But the answer i always get from deep within me is ALLAH is enough.

As stated in the Quran:

Sufficient for me is Allah, there is no diety except him.On him I have relied. And he is the lord of greatest throne”



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