Covid19 Where to spend in times of Covid-19

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Where to spend in times of Covid-19

The famous Covid-19 aka Corona Virus has got us to rethink our priorities. How to we spend time during corona lockdown? It has altered our routine and activities. It has affected our sources of income, and definitely our spending. With a pandemic at hand and possibility of a global So when we open our social medias, we see plenty of advertisements, eye-catching products and luring sales. We don’t know how long Covid-19 is going to stay in our lives and hence, we need to sort certain things out: where to spend our money in order to avoid splurging and also to have a moment of shoppers’ ecstasy.

read books during corona lockdown

1. Books

Spend time reading compelling books and literature!

The course books and job duties have kept the most of us away from enjoying the books of our choice. Many of us have books in our home that have been gathering dust, One of the best ways to spend time during corona lock down is to take your books out. Many online book stores are delivering books to your door steps. They are even offering huge discounts. So whatever it is that you wanted to read, you can read now!

spent time making art during corona lockdown

2. DIY Supplies

Draw your heart out, make paintings!

Quarantine has given us a chance to channelize our inner creativity. If you have ever wanted to paint, buy those canvas and paint supplies from online stores and get to work. You can buy supplies for any creative stuff that you want to do.

spend time during corona take care of your skin

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3. Skincare

Sunscreens, Skin healthy treats and Skin treatments!

It is a good time to have a skincare/hair routine that you have always promised yourself. Either purchase your stuff online ir experiment with DIYs (protip: turmeric is your best friend!). Invest in your skin since most of us are on a break from makeup and pollution.


4. Charity

Don’t forget to think about the less privileged!

This is probably the best way to spend your money during a pandemic. A lot of people around us are in need of basic necessities. The pandemic is harder on those who are financially unfortunate. So in order to spend time during corona the best way you can have an open heart and share your blessings wit others WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!:

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