What to do in the times of Corona? (Part-1)

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You can hardly be aware of what’s going to happen in your normal routine. Just like I barely knew that I would be writing about the “Corona” one day; instead, I have started my “Corona Series” folks! So let’s do it.
Connecting to my first blog which was edited by my sister who studies biotechnology “Fight or Flight?” I would move you from the stuck situation towards the solution. My point is that it’s okay to be in the times of Corona.
The following is a list of instructions we have been hearing on the news, receiving from friends, and then forwarding them. Somehow, these instructions have added to the panic rather than calming us. I will go through the list one by one, and we will draw out easy ways to do them. I’m pretty sure that this would be fun. Here is the list:

  • Drink hot water
  • Wash your hands
  • Six feet apart
  • COVID-19 
  • Work from home
  • Quarantine 
  • Wear Masks

Drink hot water

It’s healthy. It does not just kill the virus but also increases your body immunity, resistance against all other types of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Besides, it acts as a dieting action for your body and detox for your skin. It’s hard to drink one liter of warm water so why not make TEA! Ginger, boba, rosemary, cinnamon, cumin,fennel, mint; anything you find tasty. (I would write next about different types of Tea I make myself). The purpose is not to take in tea but warm water, so don’t bother the flavors.

Wash your hands

Hardly can you do something without using your hands. They carry germs all the time. It is a healthy habit to keep them clean, especially now in the time of Corona. Buy/ order new hand washes of your favorite fragrance so that you stay motivated to use them. What else? If you find it hard washing hands or using sanitizer, make a sanitizer spray or wipes at home which works for 8 to 24 hrs. Spray or wipe the things you touch the whole day. Involve your kids by assigning them a fun activity to spray the things they touch more than two times. They can also make a list and check mark that.

Six feet apart

Heard of Five Feet Apart? Yeah, right, the case is almost similar. Maintain the social distance prescribed by the doctors in the times of corona. You can convert that into fun. Just like Stella did. Remember? Hanging out with your loved one holding a five feet stick. Forget hanging out and focus on the way she maintains the six feet distance from her best friend and loved one (who are also affected with the same disease) while playing, chattering, sharing, eating, celebrating a birthday. She also makes use of video calls often. We can pick up many things from her role.

Stay Tuned as the series is continued…Happy Corona Time!


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