news Is 'YouTube Shorts' an Alternative to TikTok in India?

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Is ‘YouTube Shorts’ an Alternative to TikTok in India?

India was one of the largest foreign markets for the Chinese app

YouTube is launching “YouTube Shorts” initially in India. This feature is very much similar to the one offered by TiktTok.

TikTok and other Chinese apps were banned in India in June 2020 by the government, as a reaction of clashes in Galwan Valley at Indo-China Border.

The Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, Chris Jaffe, informed via a blog post about the addition of the ‘Shorts’.

“Shorts is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones”, the blog mentioned.

Shorts allows the users to express their ideas, skill or talents within 15 seconds or less.

Chris Jaffe highlighted, “We’re starting to test just a few new tools for creators and artists with our early beta in India.” Here are the new tools for the creation of YouTube Shorts;

Multi Segment Camera

This tool offers to string two or more clips together in a single video.

Speed Controls

The users will be creative in their videos through this feature by speeding up or slowing down their videos according to the content.

Record with Music

This is for adding variety of music or songs to the clips from YouTube library.

Timers and Countdowns

For easy recording of videos by using hands-free.

It seems very easy for the users to create shorts as YouTube is bringing a prominent new ‘spot’ for the Create icon.

There are more features to be added for Shorts with the passage of time and this will obviously give the content creators and performers a chance to grow a whole community by YouTube Shorts.

Source: Google

Benefits for the Audience

After experimenting in India,YouTube will surely be expanding this feature worldwide. The app already has a community of 2 Billion people per month. So a large number of audience will reach out the Shorts to learn, explore and get entertained. People generally prefer concise material.

YouTube Shorts are the encouragement for the less privileged artists as they will get better chances of monetization through good short content.

Quality Content

People generally prefer short and rapid entertainment or learning. So adding a quality content within 15 seconds will be the key, such as DIYs, addressing any key issue, call for action, short tutorials etc.

YouTube as a Replacement to TikTok

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TikTok, for sure, was a huge success in India. India was one of the largest foreign markets for the Chinese app. It has this feature of Short Video Clips. After a large number of audience got deprived off their favorite app, YouTube decided to introduce the new feature to test in India. The timing is noteable.

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For YouTube, launching this important feature after the TikTok’s ban may prove to be a very fruitful alternative.

It is worth mentioning that after TikTok got banned in US, Instagram also pursued the similar policy and expanded the launch of reels worldwide, including United States. It is the same feature which enables individuals to record 15 second short video clip. The reels were earlier experimented in India in July right after TikTok’s ban.

In such a competitive environment, let’s see how ‘YouTube Shorts’ influences the businesses and artists and attracts the TikTok audience.

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