Reading It's time to wake up and to do something fascinating.

It’s time to wake up and to do something fascinating.

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Even if this time is hard, it is the biggest opportunity to avail, the things you thought.
To work upon your soul and make a stronger connection with Allah almighty, to recite and grasp the hidden and interesting facts of Holy Book, which will help you to boost your faith.
Are you working for your inner peace and making yourself more gladded and gratified? If not then start it this minute!
It’s high time to work what you have always wanted to do.
The books you had to read.
To decorate/design your home the way you have wished to make it more appealing .
The dishes you had to prepare but you couldn’t because of your daily routine and busy schedule.

Now you have plenty of time for skin care to make yourself more prettier and get your features more enhanced than yesterday, today you’ve enough time to cover your course books easily, being at home without stress and depression, which you face daily to get your lectures prepared.
You might’ve some designer cloth’s pictures in your phone but you didn’t have time to get them stitched so isn’t it accurate time to get them ready?
It’s time to have some art works and
wake up your sleeping artist!
Its time to get into yourself and feel who you are? Feel like an independent bird who flies beyond the limits, who thinks beyond the boundaries and extent, without any cage of thoughts, which are not your’s but other’s.
When you’ve anything to say just speak it out and let your opinion be known to others.
It’s time to implement the rules you made for yourself, which can shape your personality to who you really are! Who doesn’t go under insecurities and complexities, but defines the strong you, the passionate you, the enthusiastic you, the confident you, the independent you, the determined soul inside you who keeps you straight to work on yourself.
Because you are more than your fears and doubts.
And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated, safe and healthy.
Follow the precautionary measures to protect yourself and to keep the environment healthy.

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