Kindness in times of Corona Pandemic

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There is a common phrase, “Humanity is dead” but it’s not actually. Good exists. In a world of abuse and materialism there are good people left bearing the weight and trying to lift humanity. Corona virus has spread all across the world and even tycoons have knelt before it. Supplies have run out, people are being fired, front-line workers are dying, stubborn people are still roaming around but among all of us are people committing big and small deeds out of compassion.

A nurse being showered with flowers on her return to home after 20 days of non-stop hospital work against corona virus
Source Image: Twitter

So, I came across the hashtag “#CoronaKindness” a few days ago and when I looked into it I found kids, community workers, cafe owners and neighbors looking out for each other. Welfare organizations are providing free meals to the destitute. Similarly, people in their individual capacities are also distributing medical supplies and grocery items for the elderly, especially to poor fractions. In addition to these, I found family members welcoming their front-line workers with such pride, gratitude and recognition that I cried too.

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I collected the warmest examples from wherever I could to show some kind efforts. I was touched to see how kids took corona virus pandemic seriously and understood the need to help less resourceful people around them. Kids were passionate about making a poor or an elderly smile, even if it was for a day. Fortunately, their parents were quite supportive and encouraged them to participate for the betterment of mankind.


A woman named Stephanie Lux recalls that people from her church decided for a “drive-by” for a teenager kid struggling with brain tumor. This gesture of affection and support was overwhelming for the kid when his friends, neighbors and people from the church slowly drove by his house tooting their horns. Tears of joy must have fallen like a cascade!


Friends in need are friends indeed, true that! I have never been able to sum up that feeling of gratitude and amaze when someone went a mile farther than I had asked them to. This mother in Connecticut (a mother of two little girls) asked for a couple of coffees from her friend. She worked as a manager at local Starbucks and promised that she will drop them by while back from work. So, in the evening Maureen McCarthy was in awe to see self-isolation survival kit, kids’ activity set, a bottle of wine and of course the coffees waiting outside her main door. So, it teaches us how a friend can express their concern and love in such a time.


Two kids stocked their cart with a pile of toilet papers and gave them away to the elderly people of the neighborhood. They did it for free and seemed genuinely happy after the donations.

Two friends spent their pocket money on toilet paper for elderly neighbours during corona virus
Source Image: @Guardian (Instagram)

In addition to this, a grandpa in Florida asked a nurse from where he could find a set of toilet papers as his supplies at home had deemed to just one roll as the fear of corona virus had shut large amount of stores. The nurse did not know instantaneously but she teamed up with her friend the following day to somehow make it happen. Ultimately they did find toilet papers after searching 10 stores and delivered them to the old couple in exchange for zero dimes. The couple had just finished dinner and those angels knocked at their door. How beautiful!


In this time of chaos one can think for his own interest without being called selfish but there are people who care about the vitality of surviving the pandemic together. A generous cook, Gay Whiteley, after shutting down her catering company and losing her clients was left with a kitchen full of food. She could have saved pantry items, hoard them, sell them but she chose to cook free meals for nurses and doctors in the emergency department at the local hospital. Yeah that was not from a fairy tale. Read for more heroes and superwomen, here.


Two kids play music for an elderly neighbour to entertain her in lock-down period
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Two adorable kids were spotted in Ohio dressed up as orchestra man and a woman. Taran Tien, 9, and his sister, Calliope, 6 played music for an elderly woman across their house. Kids went up to Helena’s porch and played a classical concert on their cellos to entertain her. Their mother was taken by the love in the moment. She told CNN how immensely connected she felt and said; “…we were a part of something so sweet, even just for a minute, meant a lot.”


Princess Sofia of Sweden in her crown
Source Image:

Real princesses do not “only” wear gowns and tiaras. They can gear-up when there is a national call to rescue. A Sweden princess Sofia voluntarily went through an intensive online training course in order to assist healthcare workers in corona virus. She has shifts in the kitchen and they are regarding cleaning and disinfecting. It was incredible to know a princess took up cooking and cleaning slaying all prejudices. Hence, Stockholm hospital was proud to accept her voluntary support.

Princess Sofia of Sweden in medical scrubs at Stockholm Hospital for her voluntary work against corona virus
Source Image: The Express Tribune


Rainbow drawings all over UK spread rays of hope and unity

Pictures can talk as I explained in my previous blog. In times of darkness there still is a torch-bearer. When murderers and rapists are continuing to work so hard (even in this tragedy), we have kids to spread hope, love and positive shine emanating from their crystal clear hearts. Pictures are their tools. Many rainbow drawings were pasted on window panels all over UK to let passers know that they stood united and hopeful. How cute and colorful the world seems from this collage!


A mystery man purchased all the flowers from a florist hours before her shop was being shut down
Source Image: @goodnewsmovement (Instagram)

Robin-hood might have been undercover again because he was there just when a florist in Massachusetts had to shut down her shop. A “mystery man” as she says bought all her flowers and went a step higher. Yes! He not only bought them but distributed them in Needham town. Can you imagine a flower at every doorstep? For all the houses even in just one street? Just lying there in hope of making everyone smile. The power and importance of making someone smile is out of this world. Bless that mystery man.


Corona virus has its armed guards on the run. Lock-down, quarantine, isolation are its guards. Since everyone has been directed to stay in and be safe, the question is where should homeless masses go to be safe? People who lived on pavements, parks and restaurant alleys. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan thankfully announced to allot 300 rooms for rough-sleepers because it is obviously a state responsibility to protect them too.

These examples compel me to think more and try to do more for anyone I can, at the end of the day my thought and gesture will matter rather than the amount of money I had spent. Most importantly, does money not get spent on lots of thing anyways? So why be stingy? Why stay behind from giving something to the world when it’s being eaten by corona virus? Let us stop depriving it!


  1. These stories give me faith in humanity again. The one of the drive by for the child with a tumor and the chef who gave free meals to doctors and nurses are especially heartwarming!

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