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Top 4 Vlogging Camera 2020

The great models in the high-end section of a vast online marketplace are the most advanced features and cutting edge technology.

The world I wanted in 2030

We can work from today to bring back essential education and compassion for a reformed future that may not be too far away.


Have you ever been stopped from doing something because of your skin colour, background, looks, or the...

How i earn big online, and you can too!

And you wont even need to code, instead, you have to drag and drop things. This is coming from a person who has created so many Landing pages.

Surge in Domestic Abuse: A Nightmare for the Victimized!

“Eyes gazing with bewilderment at the intense wounds given, mind playing the recorded cassette of two tales:...

COMPETITION in Optimistic Light!

Life is a race, in fact if I say it is a competition, it wouldn’t be wrong....

View On Banning PUBG in Pakistan

PUBG is a point of virtual connectivity for sane people during pandemic. So, a ban will not save a man from ending up as a gaming addict if he lacks self-control and maturity.

Why Suffering?

We all have our share of suffering in life. Regardless of age, gender, religion, we all go through ups and downs. But why do we have to suffer for certain things in our life? Why can’t we get them in the first place if after some pain and suffering we will eventually have it?

Unseen beauty of Balochistan

Our Southern Areas are as beautiful as our Northern Areas. Who knew Balochistan had waterfalls, beaches, lakes and historic landmarks?

See why Mexico sits at the top of Medical Tourism

Mexico is a top notch medical destination for people across the world, especially those in America, thanks to its close proximity to the United States

2020 – The great realization

2020 has been a disastrous year so far. It was perfectly explained by Tom Roberts in his poem.

Expectation Vs Reality

Today's love demands the fulfillment of every test. To be complete. To give full support of one person to another person at every turn, to be present.

Azad Kashmir in one day

Journey to & fro Pir Chanasi in Azad Kashmir was my first and only girls trip ever. My friend persuaded us and so, thankfully, now I have a proud and fun memory to ponder over in pandemic.

The Golf Pro That Called “FORE” Then Launched My Son

As I decided that my ten year-old son wouldn't being attending camp this year, we agreed that he would begin taking golf lessons at the local range.

Why satisfying your soul is a priority?

We give a lot of ourselves to this mundane world without realizing that satisfying this temporary place and people associated with it, is not completely possible

Prevention against Cyber Attacks

Find actual reasons behind suggested prevention techniques against cyber attacks.

Pakistan Downhearted at the Loss of its Iconic Star- Tariq Aziz

An individual who sparkles like a diamond and spreads light rays among others is worthy of love, respect

Why & How Do Agencies Spy On Us?

Understand why and how agencies spy on us through viruses and equipped algorithms. A game of inevitable digital autonomy effecting all of us!

3 Fiction Books that Tackle Fear

An individual may come across in their course of life, does that mean they should be blind to the other lessons that life has to offer?


The world inside us often gets sad with all the chaos of the outside world and being in constant sadness, at times leads towards depression.

The “Minimalist” Approach To Effective Skincare

Being that I'm fifty-three, the mother of five kids and that I was widowed eighteen years ago...that's a pretty large compliment if you ask me

Deep Note – It is the Little things that Heart Craves...

All of us have different version of ourselves. One which demonstrates the calm, happy and robust outlook for the strangers and people who aren’t close enough.

It’s time to wake up and to do something fascinating.

Even if this time is hard, it is the biggest opportunity to avail, the things you thought. To work upon your soul and make a stronger connection with Allah almighty, to recite and grasp the hidden and interesting facts of Holy Book, which will help you to boost your faith.

The Fighters of Darkness-Depression is a battle

Stephen  Fry  an English writer, comedian and actor well said about depression and a depressed person that: “If you...

6 Types of people to stay away from

Not every person worth being friends with. People are people. They are not all angels or devils

Profound Understanding of the Term “Generation Gap”

Change is inevitable and is pivotal for the progression of society. But the gap which emerges from change can be minimized by communication and understanding.

Pakistan tourism spots

Attabad was conceived out of disaster when an enormous avalanche happened in 2010. Its splendid blue turquoise waters make it one of the most wonderful places in Pakistan.

Depression and Anxiety

How many lives do we have to lose before we can solve a very obvious and important...

Why is Online Security not a thing?

A simple article explaining complex concepts such as cyber security and point of attacks. Helpful for students for convenient understanding.

Let the Kindness in- learn to say Thank You!

I often think that why we are so ungrateful as a society? Why don't we bother to say "Thank you" for little favors?

Stigma: “She is the one to blame!”

If she is raped then it would be probably because of the size of her clothes as she would have tried to allure men to the extent that he gave in

Rising Up Or Uprising: How Will History Record George Floyd’s Murder?

At the center of the song is abuse, and the inability to accept that abuse anymore. It goes on to share how one chooses to "rise" against it.

Sentimental Students During Prevailing Pandemic

Students have always shown their over emotional side by complaining for every new thing that comes their way.

Post Pandemic Climate Change Calamity

Amazon rain forest fire and Australian jungle fire are signs from Earth. If we don't stabilize our environments today we will witness a chaos as mismanaged as disaster management for prevailing pandemic. We have to begin now to plant more trees and save them!

Finding Courage Where You Least Expect It

Movies often depict their main protagonist just before completing some undoable task.

Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Within Context of Science and Islam

There are many stories about Bermuda Triangle but no one exactly know what's inside Bermuda triangle.