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10 words of affirmation which you must say to yourself every...

Do you know that your brain is totally under your control at some specific times of a day? I think you...

Why is “Piku” a great film for young adults?

Piku touches a practical parent-child issue with humor, some heat and brown household drama. Perfect emotional display of patience and love.

The Mystery of Venus

This time it's Venus, the Earth's sister planet, knocking at the doors of the researchers and scientists to share its mysterious stories and lively tales!

Government to Establish Tech Farms in Pakistan

Pakistan government is going to revolutionize the agriculture industry by creating more than 500 technology based agricultural farms.

Facebook facing allegations of spying on Instagram Users

Facebook has been accused of spying on Instagram users through their own smartphone cameras. Sources even reported that Facebook was even accessing the Cameras when users were offline.

Digital Community Feat Ali Ayub Khan

Hidden talent sparkles inside each and every individual. The only requirement is to realize your domain, cash it with struggle and emerge out as shining stars.

How much i think Childhood is precious for me

Childhood, the most beautiful period of life. The best part of life. The amazing time of life. But the sad part is that once lost will never regain it.

Oracle buying TikTok from the Chinese Company ByteDance: EXPLAINED.

TikTok was developed by a Chinese company named ByteDance. A national security issue arose when the US concerned authorities realized that tons of data of the US Consumers is being collected and sent to China.

Seniors Aren’t Welcome In The United States

We live in a nation that doesn’t understand what it is like to grow old; a land that forgets that no one “chooses” to do it. It just happens.

Is ‘YouTube Shorts’ an Alternative to TikTok in India?

YouTube is launching "YouTube Shorts" initially in India. This feature is very much similar to the one offered by TiktTok.

Microsoft Surface Pro: A Complete Device

Microsoft Surface Duo is a rather new device and the developers haven’t really designed their apps according to its functioning.

Experts warn: Computer Controlled Brain chips can be hacked

The era of robots, artificial intelligence, computer experts and of course hackers…

NASA plans to buy Lunar Dirt from the Commercial Providers

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has officially unveiled its plan to buy lunar soils or rocks from any commercial provider, be it inside our outside the United States. One agency can take the awards more than once.

Why i think Sindh is being Destroyed!

"Language represents a nation throughout the world". First of all throw light on our role in destroying our homeland,...

Time Remembers

People say time is cruel. But it is not. It remembers what we forget. Time gives something to every generation.

What to expect in the upcoming IPhone 12

From the dummies that we’ve seen and based on all the research, you may expect to have your IPhone with looks much similar to that of the new IPad Pro 2020.

What works on internet ft. Abeera Dilawar

Staying true to yourself is all it takes to be honest. Not caring about statistics is a good way to stay psychologically healthy

Whatever you believe you receive

ometimes things are not working as we want them to work then what to do this is also a question but I think if it's not working then universe is planning something more meaningful to your life let it happen .

Hope Lanterns

somewhere in the middle of sixteenth century, mankind put a man on trail for clearing the false notion that sun revolves around the earth

10 Unforgettable childhood memories that will take you back to school...

Childhood memories are precious moments that are unforgettable and take you back to the golden times when we enjoyed the charms of...

What is Depression

hen you know you have done all possible things to make the world happy and you are still not getting what you want

Not all women are oppressed

Sons are the ones who are most close to their Mothers. They love to show their new car to mothers at first. They just hug you and tell you 'Don't worry, your Son is here

Through Digital Lens ft. Hamza Bhatti

A few years into the field of digital content and he went on to become a successful CEO of his own startup; “Bhai Log Digital”.

Are we really independant?

You can't call yourself a self-governing guy, when you even can't take decisions of your life by yourself. Stop calling yourself a self-reliant man,

Whitewashed Blindfold

Here is a book telling me every single story of my parent's love for me. The first day I said Papa but I should've learnt Mama first,

Is Disability obstacle to success?

When we think about success and disability, what’s the first thing that comes in our mind? Do you put the two hand-in-hand or think they’re separate?

Realize The Price Paid For Independence

Some Pakistani migrants were killed and some were saved by friends. This is my grandparent tale of 1947.

How to overcome stage fear

Stage fear is quite common among people. Almost everyone has it. For instance, I too face stage fear...

Creativity in 21st century ft. Noor Binte Amir

oor binte Amir has assumed many roles in life from being a software engineering student at NUST, a graphic designer, a watercolor painter, a 3D artist as well as a skilled game developer and Android developer.

Rain is happiness

Yes! of course this is only rain. Of course! Rain is reason of blooming of flowers. Rain is reason behind every smile! It is reason of happiness!

A tribute to every Woman out there

When a woman exists in this world then, she's there to be the reason of someone's existence. The woman who can make herself weird to make others beautiful.

Literary reformation of a society – ft. Syed Ommer Amer

When life gives you lemons, you should make a lemonade. That’s what Mr. Syed Ommer Amer’s journey tells us.

You are your only Competition

Most of the people have a habit of self-talk, they repeat the incidents happen in their lives, the process of question, answers, self-blaming and complaints never end but THINK what if they change all these to the positive thoughts, surely they'll have worthwhile outcome.

A Spoon From the Plate of 2020

women empowerment can only work if we beat the stigmas and let our daughters get educated, give them the support and trust, and avoid imposing decisions forcefully in any social pressure

Donald Trump plans on banning Tiktok in US

Donald trump announced last Friday that he will sign an executive order in order to ban the Chinese app from operating in the US. "As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump told reporters on Friday night.


I'm fine and young like always, he winked and smiled. What about you? ". He asked him while putting cups of coffee on the table.