Life Comes with Musical Tunes

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When a child is born, he hears sounds of people giggling, cackling and welcoming him with exhilaration. Each and every emotion is expressed with a certain sort of sound. Have you ever wondered, every feeling, every moment has a music of its own.

When you feel happy, you can hear the dulcet music around you and child inside you taking different dance steps. Similarly,when feelings of excitement surrounds you, you experience an upbeat music of enthusiasm within you.

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When you are desperate about knowing the details of something and suspense awakens you, each and every sound you hear seems like a slight hint.

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When agony and despair accompanies you, you can hear the child crying inside you and singing a gloomy song.

Source: The Rebel Mama

When you are filled with rage and fury, you can hear your heart pounding with aggression and upheld noise.

life without music
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You all are familiar with these sounds, but you haven’t thought about them in this way. Life is full of tunes, if the inside becomes silent then the outside becomes loud but silence never prevails except for the time period of slumber. The silent moments are never quiet in real they are speaking and singing tons of messages that sometimes go unchecked.

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Life is enigmatic, isn’t it? We all are unaware what next might happen. But we do have control on ourselves and our emotions. We cannot control the happenings of our lives completely but the most exquisite part is that we can still control the way we respond to things happening to us. We have power to select the sort of music we want to hear from our lives. So if you are blessed with the power to turn your emotions the way you want let’s choose happiness and euphoric tunes.

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We can find thousand reasons to be sad but one reason is enough to lift us up. So let’s choose gratitude as a tune for we all are blessed with so much.

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