Mothers as Heavenly Creatures on Earth

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God is closer to our jugular vein and knows everything that is in our hearts. He lives high above in the sky so in order to make His creation experience love on earth, He blessed us with heavenly mothers. Mother is the next name of love after God. She has been created with a selfless heart that feels for her children more than herself. Her joys and sorrows, delights and tears are associated with the emotions of her child. No matter how dark it gets and how broken she feels, she never lets the shadows of grief touch her child for she wholly becomes a shade of relief and comfort for them. A mother is like an intense ocean if you look deeper, you will only find love.

There are times when she might be unable to express her affection because of the tough circumstances, experiences and tribulations faced but that does not make her less warm and concerned. Deep down she cares for her child more than anything else in the world. Even love flows in the waves of her anger.

A salute and shout out to all the mothers out there, the ones who took all the pain of nine months and then gave up all they could to beautifully raise their children so they can stand tall in the society. Also to the ones who tried to exhibit the profound love of a mother despite not giving birth to them.

Mothers deserve admiration so I have an advice for you all on mother’s day. Mothers deserve your time and love because she has invested her everything for your growth and healthy life. Try to express your sentiments by appreciating the things she does for you like telling her she made delicious food and you are thankful to God for having her. Use gentle words, sit beside her, hold her hand, tightly hug her and kiss her. Try this and you will see the divine grin that will cover her face and your heart will go through a soothing effect. These little things do make a difference and will make her feel special.
Source: Tenor

For the ones who have lost their mothers, remember she is always by your side and has always wished to see you resilient, passionate and powerful. She always wanted to give you a life that she wasn’t able to live herself so do whatever it takes to make her dream come true and pray for her best afterlife. She is in a better place and watching you. So manifest her teachings and upbringing and make her feel proud. Much power to you!!

Today where I stand in life, I owe it to my mother who has always been my greatest support system and a best buddy. She has always guided me to the right paths and protected me from falling astray by her kind advice. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MUMMY!


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