Science Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Within Context of Science and Islam

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Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Within Context of Science and Islam

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There are many stories about Bermuda Triangle but no one exactly know what’s inside Bermuda triangle. It has always been a mysterious place to everyone, people believe devil reside in it and a very deadly place. So what exactly is Bermuda Triangle? Bermuda Triangle is a region in North Atlantic Ocean which is surrounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.It is also known as The Devil ‘s triangle.

In 1964 the phrase of bermuda triangle was introduced  which appeared in print in a magazine article written by Vincent Gaddis who elaborated a triangular region,that has destroyed hundered of ships and planes without a haze.Thousand of aircrafts,ships and people have strangely vanished.Many Aircrafts of US while flying over the region; those planes were never found.

The US navy and US Coast Guard said that there are no official maps exist that identifies the boundaries of Bermuda Triangle.The US Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official name and does not have an official file on the region.

 Some Major Incidents

In 19 when the aircrafts from florida got vanished.These aircrafts were launched for practive but 2 of them strangely vanished,some other planes were sent to find them but those were not returned either.This was the time when Bermuda Triangle became sight of attraction for media and scientists.

Many old ships that were drown many many years ago were seen on burmuda triangle.It was such a astonished event that has shooked many people.

A ship was seen with full of food on tables but when they searched for people,they find no human in the ship which left them with a thought ;how strangely they vanished from the ship in the middle of sea.

Theories regarding  Bermuda Triangle

Environmentalist believes that many islands are residing in the Caribbean Sea that would be unsafe for ship navigation.

Some scientists believes it is due to strong magnetic waves that ships and aircrafts loose there control and get trapped inside the sea.

According to some reports Bermuda Triangle is a place where magnetic compass sometimes points towards true north, as opposed to magnetic north.

Religious beliefs

According to Islamic point of View, Bermuda is a place where evil and the enemies of humans are residing. Many Muslim scholars believes that The Big Evil Dajjal is residing in it.According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Dajjal is not in the Mediterranean sea (Syria sea) and not in the Yemen Sea (Arabian Sea)  but in the East. Hadith Sahi Muslim 7208.The Egyptian Muslim scholar ESA Daoud  elaborates in his book known as Masalas Bermuda that Dajjal was in the uninhabited and desolated island of  Pacific ocean.After the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the last messenger of Allah his chains were  broken down and was released.But he was not allowed to come infront however,he is linked with bermuda triangle along with Devil sea.

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