news NASA plans to buy Lunar Dirt from the Commercial Providers

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NASA plans to buy Lunar Dirt from the Commercial Providers

United States wants to trade the resources of the Moon.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has officially unveiled its plan to buy lunar soils or rocks from any commercial provider, be it inside our outside the United States. One agency can take the awards more than once.

On Thursday, September 10, Jim Bridenstine, an Administrator at NASA took on twitter that the space agency is all set to buy lunar soil from the commercial providers. He endorsed that it will be leading towards the regular certainty of trading the resources of the space.

Bridenstine posted a blog, according to which, NASA has asked the space innovators from across the globe, to assemble the small amount of lunar soil from any part of the moon, photograph it and share the imagery with NASA regarding the collection of data, and transfer the ’in place’ ownership of the dirt to NASA.

The agencies will get 10%  of their total payment on signing the contract with NASA and 10% on the launching of mission. The remaining 80% will be payed on the successful completion of their project.

It is to be noted that the participating space companies are not required to transfer the caches to NASA on the Earth. NASA will determine the retrieval methods  for the lunar regolith later on, as mentioned in the blog.

This project is the part of the Executive Order on Encouraging International Support for the Recovery and Use of Space by the President, to reassure international support for the United States for the legal search and use of the resources of moon in the outer space.

The U.S based agency NASA has given a deadline of 2024 for this solicitation and transferring of ownership. By 2024, NASA wants to make sure the landing of first woman and the next man on moon.

By this commercialization, the space entrepreneurs will recognize new ways for the exploration of resources and development of humans on the moon, as part of the Artemis program.

This is an important step by NASA in the validation of deep space systems through moon, before setting on the far away journey to explore Mars.

Will the private companies be able to achieve this target along with NASA within 4 years or not? What do you think?

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