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I’m fine and young like always, he winked and smiled. What about you? “. He asked him while putting cups of coffee on the table.

“Well, I’m not like you.You know professor, I’m nothing more than a messed up adolescent who is going to fall in the shit of adulthood in his near future”, said Michel.

”O C’mon Michel! get a life man”, said professor Oliver raising his both hands in the air.”That’s what I aim to do every morning but couldn’t do so”, said Michel and took a sip of coffee .

“During my very first days at McNair, when I observed you participating and interacting in my class, I just thought ; Damn! What a mind this boy has! what a passion!”, Answered the professor.

“I don’t know, professor. All of that just got dissipated. I , I just don’t feel that old energy now. That urge and passion for learning and exploring has died I think.”said Michel.

“Look Mic! On average, everyone has 2,491,344,000 seconds or 79 years to do what he wants to do ! What he decides to do!. On a serious note, REAL URGES AND LURID PASSIONS NEVER DIE!, said Mr. Oliver.We just get low for some time, just for some time.we just have to prevail over it.

“You mean to say that I still have an urge and passion with that same kinda energy that I once used to have?, asked Mic in an incredulous manner.

” Off course ! and I can bet you that those parts of you are still aching to know what’s on the other side? You know what, you can’t kill your curiosity!”, said professor Oliver.

“But once during your class you said that we should not run behind dormant fantasies. We should not make ourselves breathless to get answers to the wrongly assumed unanswerable questions!, he heaved,” what was that?”.

“Relax!, young man, relax! First of all, you have to get yourself done with, contours of life, the ground realities”, said professor.

“Now what are these ?”, asked Michel annoyingly.

“Okay, Biggest one of them is that you’re stuck in just one body.Your body is limited physically and materialistically but, man, YOUR MIND, YOUR SOUL HAS NO LIMITS! he said in an evident manner.

“You mean to say that I have to free my mind from obstructions and get back to way I used to shine?And what about my fear professor,fear of future?What about my pain? Pain of past ?” He asked .

“Just take time for all the things,for fears,for pains,for scars that you’ve received from the ones you wanted to keep with yourself. Then ,my boy, you will embrace your victory like no body can ever !YOU MEANT TO BE A WINNER and I know it from very the first day.Only you can rejuvenate yourself. And don’t nurture fear for future in your heart that whether your effort will be fruitful or not. Just set yourself free. Focus only on next 24 hours. Just manage and plan every next 24 hours of your life and it will do wonders for you. JUST GATHER EVERY CRUMB OF YOURSELF BACK TO WHERE IT USED TO BE!”, he pointed his index finger towards Mic’s chest.

And, Suddenly, In the twinkling of an eye,Professor Oliver disappeared, 19 years passed just like a gust and Mic saw himself standing in front of dressing mirror.After tying Red tie and applying Creed Aventus, Mr. Michel Nick John is now perfectly ready for the inauguration ceremony of “MNJ FOUNDATION.”


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