news Pakistan’s first private space company will be carrying its first space mission...

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Pakistan’s first private space company will be carrying its first space mission on 14 August.

Pakistan’s first private space company, The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited has been registered by the SECP. They announced it recently. The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited is based in Karachi and led by CEO Sami Ullah Khan who announced on his twitter account that they will be carrying its first space missions on 14 August.

The company says that it will provide solutions in three areas: space launch systems, satellite manufacturing, and ground segment as a service at a low-cost. The company says that they plan to provide better space debris and satellite service to increase satellite life.

The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited’s space debris solution will reduce the risk of satellite and spacecraft in-space collisions due to space debris, saving significant money for space-based companies. Its focus will be to provide low-cost space technology and provide solutions for the issue of space debris through the combined use of artificial intelligence (AI) and space tech.

In addition, the Rocket & Satellite Company is planning to give solutions for the major cause of destruction in the region above the Earth’s lower orbit of outer space which is known as debris areas. As a result of this, the life of the satellite will be increased and the risk of collision between newly launched satellites will be less. All these major goals will be achieved at a low cost and the money saved can be used for other space missions.

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