Pandemic and Pakistan, Far Away from Near Future.

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Currently, I doubt, if any of rational creation is not aware of what is happening on the surface and environment of our beloved Earth 🌍. Near 3 Million of chosen creation is worse off and also a large number has found their place somewhere else and left this world. World communities as a whole are completely alienated from each other even this goes to within communities.

World has observed diversification of COVID19 results so for but no country is left untouched. But we know few countries are less harmed as well, even though they were found guilty of not taking appropriate measures, still performing better in number ( by the way, I advocate a careful behavior towards that). Why? There might be many reasons, like economic hubs are suffering a lot due to their interconnected economies. But India an exception and same goes to few more communities. Having virus does not lead to leave the earth immediately and people recover as well, only single digit percentage proved fatal. So, this might be another reason. Whether conditions can not be ruled out as well but Iran is not far away from Pakistan. Well, I don’t know yet, at-least not to me but I hope, we must not add number . People here in my beloved country have proved themselves true worriers πŸ˜” by exposing to this small enemy of them.

Their might be many reasons for that. Pakistani community seems less cauious about even after forming numbers around 12,000. Bad news is, this is increasing like 50 to 500 to 5000 to 10000 now more all in front of all. Awareness and care is essential and every citizen must know that he is responsible for himself and others. It’s like committing suicide while exposing yourself and is considered an act of terrorism while not caring about others. Authorities must take this situation more seriously. Please don’t wait till when you have no consideration left.

Internationally two educational institutes would be under immense pressure during and specially at the end of global pandemic COVID19, medicine and economics and finance. We might witness decline in productive activities and suffering from inability of timely distribution of wealth. We might see changing trends of buying and producing, draining of human and physical capital. We might see variations in investing and diversification techniques. Sames goes to medical fields, increase in number for candidates and change in research direction. We must hope for a better and safe tomorrow and try our best to take care of us and everyone nearby us.

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