Peeking in the Struggle Caves with Hope

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Life is a stage of trials where struggle is prominent throughout our lives. The coronavirus epidemic seems to be an addition in the already occupied world of responsibilities, burdens and ambitions. Time has come where everybody is facing flip of the coin situation. In the blink of an eye, time has started taking back steps. Its feels as if hands are yearning to catch things that are slipping, brain is recalling the exquisite memories of good times and the heart pounding impatiently for a miracle to replay the tranquility song.

Everyone is fighting in their own peculiar way to restore peace in lives. Some are facing financial stress and trying hard to make both ends meet, some are occupied with overwhelming void and are suffering from mental strain as they can no longer step out for escapism, some are getting over emotional while finding it hard to digest the physical gap that covid19 situation has brought between their loved ones and some are struggling arduously for mustering the courage in order to continue their passions with the same zeal.

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Things are different now, circumstances are perplexed, paths are bumpy but we have to drive on the same road of life in order to reach the destination. Taking a U-Turn will be of no benefit because what’s meant to happen will happen whether we hate it, make faces on it, blame it, or make compromise with it. Time has no set boundaries and things never flow in the same smooth way. As flowers are accompanied by thorns, we have to accept that we will not only be showered with rose petals but stones will also strike our way.

Hours of utter struggle are taxing and might rip you off your solace but the results would be fruitful. Everything brings a profound lesson even if we don’t crave for it. Because no pressure eventually results in no diamonds. There is a cost of everything and the price for best thing is defined by the struggle done for attaining it no matter how daunting it becomes. What’s worth it never comes easy and what comes easy lose its worth within a short span of time.

Remember you get in live what you struggle for. So hold tightly the rope of hope keeping it mind that gloom never stays for ever and your life will again shine with vibrant smile.

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